Dental Lounge Dubai

Providing a wide array of dental services in Dubai, Dental Lounge Dubai is placed amongst the top dental clinics in the country renowned for their superior care. Serving patients since 2009, they firmly believe that their team of elite dentists and a welcoming atmosphere in their clinic is what sets them apart from the rest of the clinics in Dubai. Recently, they approached Saffron Edge to fast forward their online presence due to increasing concerns of losing business to competitors who spend most of their time marketing online.

Here’s how we helped them break the competition:


  • Increase search visibility
  • Improve website traffic


  • Special attention was given first to remove low quality excess backlings on the website which were adversely hampering it’s SERP rankings
  • Full website optimization was done according to the latest marketing standards to attract visitors.
  • Quality content was placed on their site to maintain a steady flow of traffic coming to the site.


Within 5 months of our dedicated work, we were able to marginally enhance the search engine rankings of the major keywords related to the website and eventually the influx of visitors.

KeywordInitial RankingCurrent Rank
Satwa dentists162
PINOY Dentist323
Braces satwa dubai501
Affordable dentist satwa412
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