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Claimed The Top Spot On Google With Comprehensive SEO Strategy

The client is a leading vendor of an automation, integration and task scheduling tool for Windows which has an easy to use interface and requires literally no programming skills to use. They approached us with a sole motive of being found on Google, and not just on any page… they wanted to see themselves on the first page of Google and were looking forward to see a spike in web traffic as well because of it.
  • Getting on the first page of Google is obviously a challenge!
To get on the first page of Google, what our client needed was a comprehensive SEO strategy and some keywords to rank for to achieve the goliath task we were faced with.
Here’s what we did to achieve what we were asked for –
We kicked off the campaign with a thorough content and website audit to discover and fix all the minor issues with their website structure, backlink profile and relevance of the already posted content.
Using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, we conducted an in-depth keyword research looking at their competitors and what they ranked for. Then selected keywords based on highest average monthly searches and relevance with their software.
Used the same tools to check competitor’s backlink profile and targeted those high authority websites which would link to our client as well to get some high quality relevant backlinks before even creating content.
After selecting a plethora of relevant keywords Visual Cron needed to rank for, we started creating and optimizing website content and blogs based on those keywords.
Added our client’s most important keywords they needed to rank for in their meta titles and meta description to build trust with Google.
We also applied a well thought internal linking strategy to enhance user navigational experience.
Gained some high quality backlinks from industry influencers to further strengthen their backlink profile through a well planned content marketing strategy based around the selected keywords.
Started generating some social signals for Google by regularly posting latest trends and industry insights on Social Media.
Our client wanted to see themselves on the first page of Google and with a well thought out SEO strategy, we achieved that for them!
Keywords Current Ranking Initial ranking
Batch Scheduling Software 1 15
Windows Scheduling Software 4 12
Task Scheduling Software 5 20
Batch Job Scheduling Software 6 32
Windows Task Scheduler Alternative 8 16
Enterprise Job Scheduler 9 25
Windows Job Scheduler 10 35
Task Scheduler Alternative 10 18

Take Away

Getting on top of Google is not impossible! You just need to look at your competitors and do a bit better than them, target the right keywords and dedicatedly work on them to get on the top… and don’t forget to build a few backlinks as well!
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