Enhanced Rankings And Overall Traffic With Content Marketing


The Client

The client is an internationally recognized provider of Spanish translation services with unparalleled precision, cost effectiveness and revolutionary efficiency. They are the world leader when it comes to providing translation services in Spanish and were looking to enhance their digital footprint in this niche with aggressive SEO and content marketing. And approached us for the same.

The Challenge

  • With so many competitors in this business niche, finding audiences who are looking to hire Spanish translation services and convincing them to choose and hire the services of our client involved staying at the top of our game at every digital front, which was obviously a challenge for us.
  • Prior to approaching us, the client only relied on cold calling for sales. Optimizing their entire website for SEO and indulging in both off-page and on-page content marketing efforts that led to sales was a priority for us and had to be started from scratch

The Solution

We kicked off our campaign with an intensive competitor research to figure out the money keywords that our client’s competitors were already ranking on and their conversion strategies.

After doing their entire website audit, we found that our client was naturally ranking on the first page of Google for some selected keywords. Improving the search engine rankings of our client for those exact keywords paved a clear path for us to work upon.

We further researched their industry to find and target some more potential keywords that were still untapped.

Chose the best keywords out of the lot and optimized their entire website content according to them to boost our client’s rankings on search engines.

Based on those keywords, started blogging and marketed them aggressively on the most authoritative sites in their niche to gain some extra audience and search engine exposure. Started guest posting as well on our client’s behalf to further enhance their digital footprint.

Along with gaining strong backlinks for our client with content marketing, we also started submitting their business citations on the most relevant of local directories to strengthen their local SEO and attract targeted traffic.

Started maintaining a presence on social media for our client and posted regularly on the platforms to build awareness about their services and a loyal following.

The Results


SEO and content marketing, when teamed up, can work as an unstoppable force for any business looking to gain more exposure on the web. When done carefully and in sync, these two marketing elements can alone bring you on the top of search engine results, as noted in the example above.

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