100% Increase In Traffic With A Powerful SEO Strategy

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client is a corporate video production agency based in Dubai offering both audio and video production services. They have been working in this industry for more than 40 years and are undoubtedly the market leaders. The client wanted to bring their true essence on the web and wanted to see themselves on the first page of Google and hired us to do it for them.The Challenge

Our Challenges

The client had a website but never maintained an active digital business presence before. So, everything we had to do to increase their online exposure had to be done from scratch, which was obviously a challenge.

Our Solutions

Working on the client’s website first was our top priority as they had a really outdated website which repelled users and didn’t portray their business in the best light, we changed all that and made sure it was mobile responsive and loaded fast to get in the good books of Google.Next thing we did for them was keyword research.

By researching and figuring out the best keywords in their industry, we incorporated those keywords in the new website content we created for them and in it’s meta structure for increased search engine exposure.Based on the keyword research, we started writing in-depth blogs for our client and started promoting them to social bookmarking websites in their industry and other content sharing platforms.

Since the client is a video production company, we took use of their expertise to create engaging videos about themselves mentioning in detail what they do and what separated them from the competition and promoted the video heavily on Youtube and other video sharing platforms to gain more exposure.

Started maintaining an active social media presence for our client to share our blogs, videos and other engaging content on a regular basis to build awareness and a solid following.Built a lot of high-quality backlinks for our client with the help of guest posting, influencer outreach, business directory listing, press releases and other marketing efforts.