120% Increase In Traffic For A Law Firm With Digital Marketing

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client is a leading law firm in Vancouver specializing in estate, family and personal litigation. They were on the hunt for a perfect legal marketing partner that could help them bring in a lot of traffic and clients through internet marketing and approached us to do the task for them.

The Challenge

  • There is a lot of competition in the legal space, so getting the top spot on Google in this industry is always a challenge.
  • Our client had never ventured into the world of Blogging, Local SEO and didn’t have a mobile optimized website as well, all of them are integral components of SEO in general and we decided to do it from scratch for our client

The Solution

We specifically made use of SEO and content marketing to achieve what we were asked for. Here’s what we did for them –

Performed a complete website audit to make sure their site adhered to the latest SEO standards. This included checking the site structure, coding, website metadata, no-follow links, faulty redirects, 404’s, overall backlink quality and other minor SEO checks.

Researched for high-traffic keywords in the legal space and started wrapping web pages around those exact keywords for more search engine exposure.

Created a blog section on their website and based on our initial keyword research, started developing high-quality long-form blogs for our client to lay the foundation of our content marketing efforts and strengthen SEO.

Started promoting all the blogs we created for our client to high-authority publishers, social bookmarking websites, content syndication websites in the legal space

Outreached to industry influencers to share our client’s blogs to reach new audiences and increase exposure.

Made their website fully mobile-responsive to tap the ever-increasing mobile traffic. We specifically chose a responsive design for them because that’s what Google suggests to attain maximum search engine benefit.

Placed lead and contact forms throughout the website to capture leads.

Submitted their business citations to high authority legal directories and platforms to gain some visibility in the legal space, build backlinks and boost our client’s Local SEO efforts.

Created our client’s Google My Business page, again to boost Local SEO and get found by local prospects searching for legal services nearby.

When every other aspect of SEO was in place and taken care of, we fired up our PPC efforts for our client based on our initial keyword research for capturing and converting the most relevant leads.

The Results

  • 120% Organic Traffic increase in 3 months