120% Increase In Revenue With A Local PPC Campaign

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client is an Indian self-drive car rentals startup founded in 2015 who were on a lookout to penetrate the local markets of Delhi NCR & Gurgaon and wanted to establish themselves as a trusted name in the industry in these areas. The client partnered with us to increase the exposure for their brand.

The Challenge

  • Understanding what motivates the local markets involves deep market research. We made use of first and third party data to make sure we were targeting the right people.
  • Creating PPC campaigns that compels searchers to click is hard and involves understanding the exact pain points of audiences that generates interest and the desire to click.

The Solution

Targeting the local markets involves being present on all the local directories where users could be searching for your business. We made sure our client had a presence on all those important local directories.

After gaining a deep understanding of the local markets, we devised a well-defined PPC campaign for them focusing on their exact pain-points and how our client helps solves them easily.

Built stunning landing pages that compelled users to register for their services once they clicked on the Ad.

Heavily promoted them on Social Media and other platforms through engaging content and interactive contests & competitions to build awareness.

Monitored the campaign closely and A/B tested it regularly to make sure we were making an impact.

The Results

Our targeted PPC Ad campaigns were able to increase revenue by 120% for our client

The Social Media Campaigns we ran for our client Increased social engagement by more than 20% across all platforms