118% Growth in Qualified Audience for B2B Brand!

Client Overview
The client is a multi-channel content syndication platform that helps you turbocharge your sales and marketing efforts. It provides a multi-channel solution for B2B organizations to increase pipelines through a combination of content syndication, content creation, B2B Data, and Buyer Intent solutions.

The aim was to increase qualified traffic on the website to increase its outreach, align it with consumer interest, and promote business.

Our Solution

  • Our SEO experts rounded-up the most relevant and trending keywords in accordance with their industry, which were then used in blogs and on their website to optimize search engine rankings.
  • We delivered the right content for meeting specific commercial goals to improve conversion rates.
  • We implemented various marketing strategies deemed fit for the brand by our experts to target the ideal consumer base.


  • Increase in Overall Users - we witnessed an enormous increase in users by 118.67% and an increase of 120.06% in new users.

  • All Users(Behavior)- There was an increase of 150.04% in pageviews and unique pageviews increased by 154.35%.

  • Increase in Organic Traffic- Users increased by 38.25% and an increase of 40.64% was found in new users.

  • Increase in Returning Users- There was a noteworthy increase of 391.82% in returning users and an 83.92% increase in pageviews.

Take Away

With effective optimization of the client’s search engine ranking, there was a notable increase in new users visiting the website. Strategic placement of the content led to an increase in pageviews which in turn converted into leads. Our focus, at all times, remained on helping our client reach their commercial goals and we strategised in accordance with the same.

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