Nude Envie: 100% Revenue Growth in 8 months for this Beauty Business

Nude Envie

The Client

Nude Envie: Premium Minimal Make-up Range
Industry: Beauty

Nude Envie is a premium line of nude-range makeup products that was created by Isabelle Maddison who is a local celebrity based out in LA, United States.
In the past few years, they were only able to generate up to $100K in revenue and were unable to surpass this amount. This is when marketing assistance was sought from Saffron Edge.

The Challenge

Lack of Website Optimization

The website had indexing issues because of poor quality content. This made crawling also difficult. Hence, it led to having a lower ranking of the website in the search results.

Low ROI on Google ads

Because their Google Ads were on automation, they resulted in low impressions and high CTC.

Lack of retention strategy

The engagement was limited because the existing customers were not being retargeted and hence were not being retained.

The Solution

Website optimization

In the first quarter, Saffron resolved the indexing issues by adding newer web pages with non duplicated content. The no-index tags were also fixed to improve the crawlability.

Insightful Content Strategy

With the help of our keyword and content strategy, quarterly calendars were created. This Ecommerce brand was primarily focused on transactional and commercial keywords with only 20% focus on informational and brand keywords.

Optimized linking

In the second quarter of the campaign, competitor based link targeting helped the brand to garner some market share of the competition. This in turn led to referral traffic to the main product pages and it also boosted the website’s Domain.


The main objective was to keep both non-converting visitors and current customers engaged through the use of post-sale and customer retention automation. This was achieved by sending out newsletters, product offers, SMS, and push notifications.

Generate ROI from Google ads

To improve the returns, demography targeted performance campaigns via Discovery Ads were run which generated high impressions and CTR within the budget.

The Results

Growth Results from Google Ads

From $100K to $200K revenue growth in 8 months.

Revenue Growth Result

The brand keywords ranked on 1st page results of Google SERP.

Organic Keywords Trend Graph

Overall conversion rate increased from 2% to 4.2%

Conversion Rate Increased Results


Saffron assisted Nude Envie in realizing its unrealized potential, resulting in a 100% growth in their revenue generation and a sustainable business structure. If you desire similar success for your company, reach out to us now to uncover your untapped potential.