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900% increase in overall traffic with targeted PPC & SMM campaigns

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Serving Houston pet lovers for the last 30 years, the client provides pet aftercare services like cremation, grief support, online memorial creation, and offers other memorial products such as Urns and pendants. The client and his team work dedicatedly to make sure that deceased pets in Houston receive a dignified resting place.
  • The business niche our client is in is highly isolated and doesn’t receive much organic search engine traffic. We had to think and make use of another marketing tactic to bring traffic to their website. Figuring out that tactic was obviously a challenge and took a lot of brainstorming.
Since the organic exposure we could get for our client from search engines was limited, we decided to focus our efforts on paid search ads, other PPC campaigns, and social media marketing. Here’s what we did for them –
Before we initiated our efforts to attract traffic to our client’s website, it needed a revamp. Our web designers and developers suggested a modern design layout that laid emphasis on visuals rather than content keeping in mind the target audience. The suggested design was mobile-friendly, light and user-friendly to provide the best user experience to visitors to remain in the good books of Google.
With the help of our content writers, we updated the content on our client’s website keeping in mind the state of a visitor that may be searching on the web for pet memorial services. We also incorporated vital keywords in the content that easily let search engine crawlers know what our client’s website was about.
Using product related keywords that the client’s audience usually searched for, we started blogging about the products our client sold on his website to enhance their search engine exposure and attract organic visitors
Our Adwords experts then researched the most profitable keywords to run targeted PPC on and appear on top of Google. With the help of our web designers and content writers, our Adwords managers designed appropriate landing pages to compliment the paid campaigns with conversions in mind.
Along with that, we decided to maintain an active social media presence for our client and attract a ton of audience from there using organic and paid campaigns with the help of engaging and emotional posts that struck a chord with our client’s audience.
We also used social media to spread awareness about the services our client offered by publishing on relevant groups and using branded hashtags across various social media platforms. We also used them proactively to answer queries that the audience might have and to acquire reviews about our client’s services.
Partnered with relevant social media influencers and asked them to promote our client’s services to leverage their engaged audiences and further increase awareness about our client’s business in Houston.

Take Away

Social media marketing is a great way to spread awareness about your business. But to taste any kind of success with your efforts, you need to understand your audience first and know exactly what makes them tick to impress them enough to become a loyal follower and stick with you till the end, making a lot of purchases from you along the way.
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