300% Increase In Mobile Traffic With Local SEO

The Client

The client runs a photo booth in Sydney that promises to render the most momentous outlooks to any social, formal or other events. While the client had a website presence, he wanted to amplify it further and bring it in front of more people in New South Wales, along with increasing their rankings on SERPs. He chose us to complete the task for him.

Our Challenges

  • Understanding local markets always requires extra efforts in terms of figuring out what exactly the local market needs and, what motivates them to make purchases online. Making sure that we are well aware of their exact pain-points was imperative
  • The client wanted us to focus on optimizing their mobile website according to the latest Google algorithms so that they don’t fall short in making conversions.

Our Solutions

Since the client wanted us to focus on their mobile website, we performed a complete mobile website audit and made sure there were no irregularities in comparison to their desktop website. Other than that, we optimized its speed and the entire UX to stay in the good books of Google and make some conversions.

After their mobile website was ready to make conversions, we researched their business and figured out the best local keywords in their industry that would work for them

We started implementing the decided keywords in their website content and blog posts for search engine exposure and fixed errors in the website’s meta structure.

To excel locally, we had to make sure our client’s website showed up in the local directories where prospects are actively searching for the services our client provides. We created our client’s local business citations on the most prominent local directories to achieve the same

Claimed their Google My Business profile and marked their location on Google Maps, again, to strengthen their Local SEO capabilities

Whereas off-site SEO optimization is concerned, we began posting high-quality blogs on the most authoritative social bookmarking websites in their industry to get in front of more audiences. We also made use of guest posts and influencer outreach to gain some valuable backlinks and strengthen SEO.

We also ran Social Media Campaigns alongside our SEO efforts to generate social signals for our client’s website.

The Results

Our client was able to attract as much as 90% of the entire website traffic from New South Wales.