Increasing the New Visitors by 58% for a Cosmetics Company Based out of California.

Our client is a cosmetic company based in Beverly Hills, California. They specialize in makeup products that maintain and enhance natural features. The client deals in a wide range of cosmetic products, their products are natural, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. Apart from brick-and-mortar stores, the company’s products are also available on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. However, the client wanted to expand their online business and sought ways to get more visitors and customer engagement on their site. Moreover, they also wanted to improvise the content part of the website to withstand the competition and attract more users.

Low customer engagement and acquisition
Cut-throat competition made it challenging for the client to retain the customers.

Inadequate website traffic.

The client wanted more visitors to boost brand awareness and digital presence.

Outdated content strategies

The content strategies were not up-to-the-mark and needed to be updated.

The absence of an in-house SEO team

Since the business lacked an in-house SEO team,outsourcing was an optimal solution for them.

The Client The client had a small customer base, especially in California, but they wanted it to grow beyond that. The primary issues that hindered the organic traffic growth were outdated SEO and content strategies, and our team focused specifically on them. Since the client wanted more customers (or traffic) on the site, our team looked for the potential barriers and constructed a clear marketing plan. We had to align our strategies with the business model of our client and the geographical locations they wanted to target. Apart from this, our social media team also boosted our client's digital presence through blog posting to enhance the visitors' count and user engagement.

  • The client wanted to boost the visitors' growth and user engagement
  • They were looking for optimal solutions to withstand the competition in the cosmetics industry
  • Needed high-quality and keyword-rich content to engage more users on their web pages.

"The beauty and cosmetics industry is constantly advancing, and withstanding the key players of this field has been challenging for us. However, with the proper guidance and genuine support from the digital marketing team of Saffron Edge, we managed to get the better of all the obstacles. Their team got the best players who are well-versed in their respective fields and know how to deal with the situations, no matter what. The SEO experts of Saffron Edge modified our website’s key metrics that showed dramatic results. Along with that, the digital marketing agency is also blessed with creative and highly-talented content developers who revamped the content strategies to attract and engage more visitors to our website. Grateful for all the assistance we got from Saffron Edge and looking forward to working with them again sometime.“

- Isabel Madison (Founder, Cosmetics Company, Beverly Hills, California)

The Challenge

 Using Customized SEO Tactics

There were significant issues in the SEO section of the client’s website. The client did not focus on keyword research, due to which they were not getting the expected results. Our SEO team invested time in profound keyword research and figured out a list of top-ranking, relevant, and helpful keywords that need to be targeted for better outcomes. On top of that, our SEO specialists also focused on internal linking, meta-descriptions, backlinking, and bookmarking to direct the organic traffic to their website. Consequently, the client witnessed tremendous growth in the new visitors.

Updating the Content Strategies

The web pages of the client’s website lacked high-quality and keyword-rich content. That was one of the primary reasons for not getting enough customer engagement. For this, our content marketing team analyzed all the web pages and recreated the content that completes with the required keyword density. Moreover, the team also focused on guest blogging to enhance the online brand presence of our client.

Brand Promotion Through SMM

Besides SEO optimization and updating content strategies, the client also needed brand awareness. Therefore, the social media marketing team focused on posting different types of content, such as eBooks, white papers, infographics, blogs, etc., across the client's social media channels. They also chose appropriate hashtags and tagged relevant influencers interested in the client’s products and content. All these initiatives helped in accelerating the organic traffic growth.

  • Using custom-made SEO tactics
  • Updating the content strategies
  • Promoting the client’s products and services through SMM

The ResultsWith the optimized tailor-made digital solutions, our client witnessed a massive upliftment in the organic traffic and SERP rankings. Here are the detailed results they observed after our team implemented the required strategies:

Organic Traffic:
  • Users increased by 55.22%.
  • New visitors increased by 58.16%.
  • Sessions increased by 63.76%.
Clicks & Impressions (Organic):
  • Total clicks increased from 3.4K to 21.7K.
  • Total impressions increased from 534K to 891K.
  • Average CTR increased from 1.2% to 3.9%.
Revenue & Conversion Rate-
  • Revenue increased by 572.15%.
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate increased by 299.91%.
  • Transactions increased by 430.00%.