Increasing New Users by 49.85% for a Medical Finance Company in Mumbai


The Client

Our client is a medical finance agency based in Mumbai. They offer finance-related services to individuals who want to fulfill their healthcare needs. Their range of healthcare services extends from various high-cost medical treatments to consultations from reputed doctors. The client offers easy and flexible health credit options along with low-cost loans to finance expensive and complex medical procedures. However, they were new to the business and looking to get more organic traffic to enhance their online brand presence. In addition, they were seeking improvements in their search rankings.

Low organic traffic

They were not popular enough to get more traffic as they had just started their business online.

Low customer engagement

Due to low online brand presence, user engagement was also down.

Issues in the content strategies

The website lacks high-quality and engaging content and the absence of keyword analysis.

No lucrative experience in SEO tactics

The business needed a highly qualified SEO team to get profitable results.

The Challenge

The client had experience in the medical industry but was new to set-up the business on digital platforms. Therefore, they required a digital marketing agency to analyze their marketing plan and deliver custom-made solutions to accelerate the organic traffic. Since they had several competitors in the exact targeted location, our digital marketing team had to review their business model and develop customized strategies to make and hold a position in the market. Although their primary concern was getting more users on their site, our team also focused on brand promotion to enhance their online presence. For that, our in-house content team created some interactive and highly engaging blogs, social media posts, and much more aligned with exact keywords to make impressions on the audience.

  • The client wanted to increase the online traffic and customer engagement
  • Needed customized solutions to stand out from the fierce market competition
  • They were looking for traffic-driven content to engage more users on their website

“Being a new player in the industry already occupied with established leaders, we weren’t sure where to begin and how to begin our business online. On top of that, the central issue was that very few people knew about us, and for the rest, we didn’t even exist on digital platforms. That’s when Saffron Edge came to our rescue and helped us get organic traffic through their custom-made digital solutions. Their refined content strategies and productive SEO tactics showed the results within a week. In fact, our site rankings have been improved a lot, and we were promoted organically by the social platforms as well. Since we hired Saffron Edge as our digital marketing partner, we have bagged five big clients and financed the healthcare needs of plenty of people. We had a great time working with Saffron Edge and would love to work with them again in the future.“

– Viren Mehra (CEO, Medical Finance Agency, Mumbai)

The Solution

Optimizing On-Page SEO

On-page SEO was the core area that needed improvement in the client’s website. Our team paid attention to the site structure and did modifications wherever required. Our SEO specialists also focused on other SEO metrics, such as optimizing core web vitals, keyword research, internal linking, etc., to uplift the organic traffic. The on-page optimization step proved helpful for the client as the rate of new users visiting the page increased tremendously.

Performing Keyword Gap Analysis

Our digital marketing team analyzed the client’s competitors’ data and pointed out the keywords they were targeting, but our client wasn’t. It helped us get an idea regarding the content we should publish to engage new users. Lastly, our content team focused on those keywords and developed high-quality content to fill the gap.

Brand Promotion on Various Social Media Platforms

Our digital marketing team observed that SEO techniques and site optimization were insufficient. The client was new in the industry, and there was already a lot of competition. Therefore, we promoted the client through blogs, posts, and PRs published on popular social media handles. Our team also followed the GMB approach and guest-posting to accelerate the organic traffic growth.

  • Performing Keyword Gap Analysis
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Promoting the Brand Through Social Media, GMB, and Guest Blogging

The Results

With the optimized tailor-made digital solutions, our client witnessed a massive upliftment in the organic traffic and SERP rankings. Here are the detailed results they observed after our team implemented the required strategies:

Organic Traffic:

  • Users increased by 45.27%.
  • New Users increased by 49.85%.
  • Sessions increased by 46.38%.