98% Increase in Orders Through Amazon Seller Campaign

Organic Traffic

The Client

This Singapore based client providing pocket friendly home and office stationery products had been struggling to market their products online. Due to the nature of their business and lack of proper customer support channels they were unable to acquire regular customer reviews that caused a lot of frustration to make their Amazon store successful.

The Challenge

The client started Amazon marketing but only managed to sell 15 products at a high ACOS of 78% over a period of 3 months


Increase number of orders via Amazon Store Increase customer review systems

The Solution

Our Amazon Marketing team had to re optimize the Amazon Seller Account as we found numerous inaccuracies that were causing Amazon to de-list their products.

For increasing product reviews, we set up a Trustpilot account and prepared detailed NPS and feedback systems that the client could run at their end with seamless automation. This helped in generating some valuable reviews from customers on the products.

We optimized their product descriptions, titles, images, dimensions, and various other attributes to ensure brand and product consistency on their Amazon store.

We generate FAQs for their products and encouraged teams to populate the data and answers to these FAQs so it helps in increasing conversion chances

The Results

Having started in May 2020, after the initial re-optimization and running strategic ads we were able to increase orders by September 2020 itself.





  • The reviews generated from TrustPilot also helped generate authenticity that contributed in increasing the orders.