Helped a Certified Translation Firm grow organic traffic by 13K Users in 4 months

The Client
Our client has an international reputation for providing certified translation services across the United States of America and several other countries. As a leading translation service provider, they have delivered unparalleled language precision with world-class efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Their top-notch customer services have helped them to make a name in the translation industry.
Digital marketing
Their website offers a seamless method through which their client can easily translate their documents. They need to scan and upload/fax/message their document, choose a suitable delivery date, and submit their order. To date, they’ve translated tons of manuals, technical books, handbooks, flyers, birth certificates, diplomas, transcripts, etc. Well, they are available to offer their services via email, text, and in-person. They usually take 1-2 business days to deliver the translated document, including document review.
Even though they have a dedicated customer base that provides customers who have been their clients for a long time, their website fails to attract new organic traffic. Due to this, they cannot scale their company and face difficulties when it comes to business expansion.
The Aim
We have helped several online companies to scale their business. One thing that we feel makes a huge difference in attracting new customers to the website is an appealing UX design. A bad user experience will frustrate a user; it acts like friction between different user actions. They did not optimize their website for different screens. Therefore, our team of designers had to work on enhancing their website’s user experience.
Website user Experience - Saffronedge

Due to a lack of website optimization and high loading time, their bounce rate was extremely high. A high bounce rate creates a negative impact on conversions. They were losing out customers to their competitors as they were unable to engage them on their website. In recent months, their website experienced a low percentage of repeat visitors. Hence, our SEO experts had to fix their website that was sluggish and extremely slow!

We had to boost the organic flow of traffic on their website by using site-wide SEO optimization techniques. Our content marketing team curated web pages, posts, and blogs, including organic keywords and long-tail search terms. Apart from generating fresh content, they also updated and revamped their existing content. It was done to make their website look more relevant for their users.

Our SEO experts knew that all these optimizations would increase their credibility and authority. We aimed to rank their website on Google SERPs on some specific keywords. For the same reason, we needed a quality network of backlinks. With seamless navigation, fast loading speed, enhanced backlinks, relevant content, and a rich keyword strategy, we could increase their website’s viewership.
The Solution

We follow industry-leading SEO techniques which have enabled us to create hundreds of client success stories! Our battle-tested SEO strategies are well-tailored as per our client’s requirements. We choose the best industry practices for our clients that guarantee success. Similarly, we implemented a fine-tuning SEO approach along with other strategies mentioned below for our client.

Inclusive Onpage Optimization – We evaluated the present position of our client’s website in organic search. After assessing their website ranking, we decided to perform a website audit. Soon we realized that numerous shortcomings were harming their website. Our developers and SEO experts started working on minor modifications, which steadily improved their search engine preferability. At Saffron Edge, we dig deep into content analytics, which helps us develop effective SEO strategies.

Content Marketing And Repurposing – If you want to succeed using organic campaigns, you need to curate enticing content. Our team of content marketers curated keyword-rich articles, web pages, blog posts, etc., that were not only engaging but even ranked high on search engines. Our team even produced industry-specific links that drive quality referral traffic.

New Linking Strategy – We discovered that the current links on their website were irrelevant and harmful. Our experts performed an extensive link audit and analyzed crawling, technical errors, keyword targeting, and internal linking. We ensured that we target good directories with supporting keywords to boost their potential client base looking for a business like theirs.

The Result

From the perspective of inbound marketing, web traffic is one of the crucial metrics determining the number of customers visiting the website. When you have more traffic on your website, the probability of reaching the last step of the buyer journey increases.

Our client was experiencing stagnated traffic and leads. As we started working on their website, they gained momentum as new visitors per month increased. There was a surge in direct traffic between April, May, and June. During four months, we were able to bring more traffic as compared to the previous month. We provide in-depth reports to our clients about how our new techniques are making a difference. Here are the results that were obtained within the first four months of our campaign.

Organic Traffic:
  • Users increased by 51.83%.
  • New Users increased by 51.27%.
  • Sessions increased by 53.50%.
Increase Organic Traffic

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