Reached first page of Google for a client hit with a Google Penalty

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client runs a family owned art publishing company in Colorado. Their collection of personalized art, framed art paintings, and monogrammed wall art includes over 100 unique personalized prints that encompass a growing and wide variety of subjects and styles.

The Challenge

The client was hit with a Google penalty recently which wiped their website off of Google. We were given the task of recovering their bread and butter from the clutches of Google and enhance it’s SEO potential marginally. Finding the exact problem which penalized a website is always a challenge. Recovering the client’s website from the penalty was another.

Our Solutions

Our first priority was to figure out what caused the Google Penalty for our client in the first place. Which our SEO experts eventually found out after our initial website SEO audit. As it turns out, the previous marketing agency of our client had built many low-quality backlinks for his website which the panda algorithm caught on to and penalized it for the same. Here’s what we did to recover our client’s website from it –

To remove the penalty, our SEO experts completely refreshed our client’s backlink profile and removed all the low-quality backlinks from it by disavowing them. And we had to start from scratch again once the penalty was removed and our client’s website was visible again on Google SERP’s.

With 0 backlinks, our SEO experts got down to finding the best, high-quality linking opportunities for our client to enhance its SEO potential.

With the help of our content writers, our SEO experts started blogging for our client based on the keyword research we did earlier to build a consistent stream of visitors coming to their website organically.

Our team of marketers then marketed these blogs on various social media platforms, social bookmarking websites, high-authority blogs to gain some additional backlinks for our client. To gain exposure and traffic for our client’s website, our experts also made use of guest blogging and influencer marketing.