Exponential Growth for a 3PL Company

Organic Traffic

Executive summary

A brief study showcasing our capability to enable a brick and mortar company to dominate his competition online from scratch within 8 months through our one-stop digital transformation solutions!

The Client

Our client has a family-owned 3rd party logistics provider business based out of Kentucky, US. The business has been operational for over 60 years, however, their growth in the last decade was stunted. They approached us looking for a complete digital marketing solution to take their business online and onto the next level.


  • Build a Website
  • Develop a Carrier Tracking Logistics Mobile App
  • Generate Business from the website

“Saffron Edge has taken my store to the sky! Couldn’t have asked for more.”

– Brandon, COO

A Collaborative Effort


Given the nature of the business, we knew that a standard digital marketing campaign alone will not suffice for them. They needed a strategic B2B Marketing Plan. We deployed 3 core teams of experts, where each team specialized in

  • Website Design & Development
  • Application Design & Development
  • B2B Marketing

The Solutions

The Web and App development teams worked closely to create the wireframe, features and UX/UI layouts for the website where as the marketing team set up different landing pages and social media pages for the client, that would help us run Paid, Programmatic and Social Media campaigns even before the website is live.

In order to generate industry specific leads for food grade dairy products we set up a dedicated inside sales and email marketing team to start mining relevant data for shippers, manufacturers and carriers.

In the 3rd Month, we were ready with the beta launch of the website. While the client reviewed the website internally within his organization we ensured our Onpage SEO checklist was complete so that we can launch the live version of the site ready to be marketed aggressively.

Due to our pre-launch campaign setup we were already ready with competitor analysis, keyword research, and various forms of content for blogs, press releases, articles, ready to publish through as per our demand generation marketing strategy. This helped us create a lot of targeted links and content in quick succession thereby helping substantiate the website’s Domain Authority from 0 – 20 in the first 2 months of the campaign. This was a huge gain as DA traditionally takes a long time and consistent effort to increase.

The landing pages that were capturing traffic and leads through the email marketing, paid and social campaigns also helped in the brand launch for the site as we had more prospects interested to learn more about the brand and their service offerings.

Our email marketing team used the existing customer database to run a targeted newsletter campaign that started engaging their previous customers who were happy to see their client having a new website and expanding their service offerings.

The Result

A cutting-edge Website

We built their website on WordPress with HubSpot CMS integrations to help facilitate their marketing efforts. The client worked on our recommendations for sharing high quality photographs shot for his business which we used as a prominent visual theme for the entire site.

We specialize in minimalist and simple yet effective designs that drive the story home. Without using complex design and visual elements that interrupts user focus, we told the story through small blocks of content interspersed with visuals to maintain a good balance of engagement

Paid and Media Buying

With our paid and media buying efforts in the first month we were able to attract a lot of branded traffic which is essential for a new brand that is launching on the internet for the first time. With an average of 70K Visits in the initial 3-4 months of the campaign, programmatic campaign had given the initial boost that was needed for increasing the brand authority of the website.

With an average Google Ads monthly budget expenditure of $2-3K USD per month, we were generating about 30-50 conversions each month. However, Jan 2020 was the best month out of all with 116 conversions after spending about $2.5K USD thereby optimizing our CPA at an all time best for this competitive and niche industry space at $21.5.

Organic Search Marketing

Organic campaigns helped push their keywords from NF to top 3 pages in the first 3 months. With more aggressive content marketing and on page marketing efforts we steadily grew and established their monthly organic traffic at about 2K/month.

By the end of Jan 2020, we were successful in ranking them for about 1.1K focus keywords.

We grew their Backlinks to over 3K in the last 6-7 months of rigorous efforts which also helped in brand awareness, and referral traffic growth for the website by about 65%