Claimed Google’s Top Spot For Targeted Keywords With Blogging

Organic Traffic

Client Brief

The client is a leading provider of Anti-Corruption Compliance and Due Diligence headquartered in Singapore. They assist organizations of every size to protect themselves from bribery allegations or corruption in the third-party network. The client offered a state-of-the-art Due DIligence solution and gave us the marketing reigns of their platform.

Our Challenges

The legal space is a very competitive market niche and creating an identity of your own, attracting prospects and beating competition takes a lot of efforts.

Blogging in the legal industry is just as hard, with concepts that are hard to take a grasp of. Making users understand the various concepts that are in the legal space requires a lot of in-depth research and knowledge.

Our Solutions

Since we were marketing a platform and not a website, the marketing strategy we devised for our client was heavily based on providing value to prospects with blogging and telling them how our client’s platform can help them greatly when it comes to due diligence and anti-corruption compliance.

The next step was finding the best keywords in the legal space that could help us in bringing relevant traffic to the platform.

Based on those keywords, we wrote quality, in-depth blogs for our client that presented their product in the best light and wrapped all their website content around it for maximum search engine exposure.

We outreached the benefits of the platform to legal influencers and asked them to include it in their blogs and promotions. In return, our product would help their audiences great and would generate a lot of exposure for our client at the same time.

We heavily got involved in various guest post initiatives with authoritative publishers to attract maximum audiences

Implemented social sharing options on the client’s blog so readers can share the information with their friends who might be in a need of the solution.

Our Results

Most of the keywords we targeted for our client started ranking on the top spot of Google

KeywordsCurrent Local RankingInitial ranking
Anti Bribery and Corruption Platform0105
Anti Bribery and Corruption01159
Third Party Compliance Platform0109
Anti Corruption Community Membership0103
Anti Corruption Whitepapers0107
Corporate Anti-Corruption Program0110
Anti Corruption Certification0209

Take Away

Most of the insights we needed to amplify our client’s position in the online market was obtained from the initial competitor research we did for our client. Watching closely what your competitors are doing can easily give a direction to all your marketing efforts with guaranteed success and saves a lot of research time as well. That’s why we put it at the forefront of all our marketing efforts!

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