Doubled Traffic And Revenue With Aggressive PPC Campaigns

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client has been a consistent leader for more than 13 years in the organic mattress industry with prominent reach across the US. And wanted to bring their true essence on the web. For doing the same, the client partnered with us with the sole objective of making more sales.

The Challenge

  • When it comes to making users convert, a website matters. We had to completely revamp their old website from the ground up and streamline UX to leave an impact on visitors.
  • The client had never heard of SEO before. We had to closely work with them to bring home the idea that SEO indeed plays a vital role when it comes to bringing in more traffic.
  • Just a website was not enough, we had to integrate various technologies to enable visitors to directly purchase from the website.

The Solution

Our purpose from day 1 was to bring in more traffic to them. And to achieve that, we started pushing out well-researched blogs for them that highly resonated with their target audience and heavily marketed them through guest posts, social bookmarking and social media sharing.

Optimized everything on their website from an SEO viewpoint to help Google notice them.

Closely aligned the latest audience, business and market research to completely revamp the content on their website.

Added Credit & Debit card payment and PayPal integrations to push purchases.

When everything else was set up perfectly, we ran aggressive, hyper-targeted PPC campaigns to bring in quick traffic

Continuously A/B tested the performance of PPC Ad campaigns and made necessary adjustments to them for optimum performance.

The Results

  • The client noticed a sharp 50% growth in traffic & revenue within a month of our integrated SEO & PPC efforts.