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Coffee Marketing Done Right

Client Overview
Our client has been a proud owner and manufacturer & distributor of Arabica and Brazillian coffee beans since 1954. They offer a wide range of coffee flavors to their consumers worldwide.
Despite having a well established brand presence and a robust ecommerce store, they were not satisfied with their sales in the North American market. They approached us with the following objective.
  • Tap into the North American Market through Online Marketing
  • Manage their Amazon Stores to increase sales
  • We analyze their website and analytics focussing specifically on their North American user traction and conversions from the past to identify potential opportunities that could enhance their marketing efforts and conversions
  • We analyzed their existing Amazon Seller Account to see their historic data. We found some major room for improvement and noticed an unusually high ACOS that had been hampering their return on investments.
  • Following the assessments, we took a two pronged approach to enhance the ecommerce portal following a 50 point ecommerce checklist that ensures their portal is well equipped and prefered by Google SERP to dominate the searches for the right keywords and information.
  • We noticed some of their primary product listings on Amazon don’t have enough reviews and ran referral and review campaigns parallelly to existing customers encouraging them to populate relevant reviews.
  • We created fresh bid management and optimization strategies along with listing ads to cater to the North American target group specifically.
  • Even though the client had a strong marketing budget to invest into Amazon, we wanted to take a controlled approach keeping a close eye on their ACOS to reduce it from 56%~ to 18% over the period of 6 months while subsequently increasing their number of orders and sales.
SEO Growth
  • With our ecommerce optimization and strategic organic marketing we were able to increase some of their core product keyword rankings to the first page of Google.
Keyword Current Position Volume
jamaican me crazy 1 2300
jamaican me crazy coffee 2 2200
bourbon infused coffee 9 1100
bourbon coffee 3 2800
french vanilla coffee 4 2400
highlander grogg coffee 5 1200
eggnog coffee 7 800
oh fudge 8 1300
irish cream coffee 8 1700
what is french vanilla 9 600
coffee company 2 2000
k cup variety pack 1 800
mustachio 1 1900
dark roast coffee 1 3100
dark roast 1 700
  • Through our strategic Amazon paid campaign we were successful in controlling their ACOS to well under 20% while increasing their sales by 230%

Take Away

The client’s been able to amass quality leads with the help of relevant content in line with consumer trends. It was showcased to the targeted audience in a strategic manner which in turn increased traffic to their website. Now, the significant increase in traffic led to an increase in goals completion which further enhanced the productivity and efficiency of their operations.