Doubled conversions for an e-commerce store with Influencer Marketing

direct mail marketer

The Client

Since 1972, the client has been the leading direct mail marketer of affordable gift items, personal care items, apparel, footwear and more. But in 2001, they launched their own website and had since then became a premier shopping destination for customers looking for quality products and unprecedented savings. With increasing competition in the e-commerce space, the client was taking a hit on sales and reached out to us to bring it back on track.

The Challenges

  • The e-commerce space is highly competitive with a lot of players in the market selling the exact same products that our client dealt with it. Gaining an edge over them required us to bring all our marketing pool of knowledge together and think of something out-of-the-box.

The Solutions

After we did an extensive website audit for our client, we found out that the client’s backlink profile was pretty weak and was the reason for its sub-par SEO performance. Here’s what we did to increase their site exposure over the web and increase sales –

The client’s website was redesigned from the ground up and was optimized for SEO for increasing its search engine exposure.

Our SEO experts then researched their industry vertical and dug out high-performing keywords which were targeted by optimizing the site’s content and its product pages to increase organic traffic.

Started publishing high-quality blogs for our client that highlighted their products in the best light

Building high-quality backlinks for our client’s website was our top priority. We decided to make use of guest blogging and sponsored posts to do so and only posted on high-authority websites that would greatly help us improve our client’s backlink profile.

To boost conversions, influencer outreach and marketing plan was implemented for our client that increased their website exposure and increased their sales by folds. We made sure that we chose the best influencers in their industry that had a knack of promoting the kind of products our client sold actively.

To gain more exposure, our social media experts started publishing engaging posts on behalf of the client and actively carried out creative social media marketing initiatives to increase sales.

The Results

We were able to double the conversions within 3 months.