Building Brand Authority for a European B2B Company!

Client Overview
The client provides advanced B2B contact data for sales and account-based marketing to clients worldwide. The data platform covers sectors ranging from Advertising/Media/Publishing to Aerospace to Hospitality amongst others. They specialize in validating their contact base to ensure quality data.

The aim was to increase website traffic for the brand to help increase engagement and drive more qualified visitors to their sites which is directly proportional to their business growth. 

Our Solution

With the help of relevant data and analysis, we devised the perfect marketing strategy in line with current trends to influence the consumer’s buying patterns. We enhanced the search engine rankings of our client’s website by delivering quality and keyword-based content that not only helped build credibility but also garnered trust from the audience. Making the client’s content approach informative and accurate gave their users a positive and useful experience – Hence resulting in good traffic generation!

  • Significant Increase in Organic Traffic – We witnessed an increase of  46.32% in users, and new users increased by 51.17%
  • Increase in Goal Completions – Goal Completion increased by 49.24% and Goal Conversion Rate increased by 19.20%.
  • Backlinks– The organic keywords stand at 1.6K and backlinks at 17.9K from 304 referring domains.

Take Away

The client’s been able to amass quality leads with the help of relevant content in line with consumer trends. It was showcased to the targeted audience in a strategic manner which in turn increased traffic to their website. Now, the significant increase in traffic led to an increase in goals completion which further enhanced the productivity and efficiency of their operations.

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