280% Increase In Traffic With Powerful SEO & PPC Campaigns

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client is a leading provider of electronic repair services in Hamilton, USA, dealing with repairing PCs, Macs, game consoles and Mobiles on a daily basis. They decided to go the online way and exponentially increase the reach of their services by getting in front of more audiences in Hamilton and partnered with us for the same.

The Challenge

  • Repairing services in Hamilton’ is a crowded niche and securing Google’s top real estate for anyone in this niche is no walk in the park.
  • The industry our client is in, providing real value through blogs means creating in-depth articles about how to repair just about anything at the ease of one’s home. We made sure our blogs included easy tutorials and tips to make repairing broken phones and laptops hassle free, which required a lot of effort and industry experience.

The Solution

Our client specifically wanted us to focus on selling their ‘Apple repairing services’ as most of the people in Hamilton use Apple. So, targeting that keyword was a priority for us. Also, we extensively researched their niche and their competitors to select 60+ high opportunity keywords to target that resonated well with what they do.

For additional SEO benefits, we wrapped all their website and blog content around those specific keywords and created an internal linking structure to smoothen the overall navigational flow of the website.

We optimized the content on all the landing pages wrapped around those selected keywords and ran a proactive PPC campaign to get those pages in front of the people who are most likely to convert.

Along with PPC & SEO campaigns, aggressive Social Media marketing and blog marketing campaigns were also initiated to create more buzz around our client’s repairing services in Hamilton.

The Results

Our client started ranking prominently on the first page of Google for 50 keywords out of the 60+ keywords we targeted.

Eventually, we managed to bring in 280% more traffic to their website

Take Away

SEO is a great marketing strategy that can single-handedly bring you a myriad of traffic, the condition is that you do it well and provide value to your users every step of the way as you do it. The above case-study is a perfect example of SEO doing all the legwork for a company if done right. And we have a knack of doing it right!

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