Boosting Organic Traffic by 25% for a Reception Venue in Lafayette, Louisiana

Our client is located in Parc Lafayette, Louisiana, and offers a premier reception venue for weddings, cultural functions, corporate events, parties, and much more. The client has three party venues, two of them are perfect for small gatherings, and one grand ballroom that can easily accommodate up to 600 guests. They have efficiently organized several wedding ceremonies and business events, and the clients’ feedback reveals their success stories. However, their primary concern was to get more organic traffic on their website to climb higher in the search results. Moreover, they also wanted to enhance the page view rates and reduce the bounce rates of their site by improving the SEO.
  • Low organic traffic

There was a stunted growth in their online brand presence.
  • Insufficient customer engagement and low client acquisition

Low customer engagement leads to low profits and client acquisition.
  • Issues with keyword density, content relevancy, and strategies

Keyword density is not adequately maintained, and the site lacks high-quality content.
  • Lack of an experienced in-house SEO and link-building team

The site rank continuously declined due to the absence of an SEO team.
.Insufficient customer engagement and low client acquisition
Low customer engagement leads to low profits and client acquisition.
.Issues with keyword density, content relevancy, and strategies
Keyword density is not adequately maintained, and the site lacks high-quality content.
.Lack of an experienced in-house SEO and link-building team
The site rank continuously declined due to the absence of an SEO team.
The Client
The client needs someone to review their SEO part and deliver optimized solutions to boost organic growth. As already mentioned, their primary concern was to get more genuine traffic on their website to enhance brand awareness and their online presence. Therefore, our digital marketing team analyzed their requirements and prepared a detailed marketing plan aligned with their services and geographical location. Our marketers also focused and targeted long-tail keywords that offered our client a competitive advantage. In addition, our SEO team collaborated with our social media department to promote the brand on multiple platforms for productive results. Last but not least, our content marketing team had to reconstruct the existing content strategies and focus on keyword analysis to enhance organic visibility and user engagements as much as possible.
  • The client is looking to enhance their online brand presence
  • Needed optimized solutions to increase the online traffic
  • In search of better content and keyword-related strategies
  • They wanted to improve the customer engagements and client acquisition
“Competing online with established brands is always challenging, especially when you are new to the industry and have no prior experience in digital marketing, SMM, or SEO. However, we are lucky that we got Saffron Edge as our digital partner, who made sure to provide us with the best solutions needed to boost our online traffic. With their assistance, we not only get more organic leads, but our client base has become broader and stronger since then. Their experience in the digital field is easily explainable by the accurate and data-driven analytics that helped us get lucrative results. “
We are looking forward to working with Saffron Edge again in the future.
– Jessica Martin (Sr. Event Manager, Lafayette, Louisiana)
The Challenge
1. Optimizing On-Page SEO
Once our digital marketing team analyzed the issues and requirements of the client, they focused on the site structure to optimize the on-page content to rank higher. Our SEO experts also focused on other areas, such as internal linking, keyword analysis, meta description, etc., to boost the organic traffic. Consequently, the client witnessed the improvements in the rankings and traffic within a week.
2. Focusing on Guest Blogging and Content Strategies
Guest Blogging is still a relevant way to enhance blog traffic to your website, and that’s what we followed too for our client. Our proficient content marketing team managed to secure guest posts on a few reputable and popular sites that drove genuine traffic to our client’s website and improved their brand presence into the bargain. Furthermore, our content team also updated the content strategies and created new and relevant posts.
3. Making Site More Responsive
Our technical team observed that the client’s website is okay for desktops but not responsive or other devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, our technical and design teams made some necessary changes to the site structure and worked on the interface to ensure it was accessible on all devices.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Focus on Guest Blogging and Content Relevancy
  • Making Website Responsive and Accessible for Multiple Devices
The Results
With a detailed marketing plan, SEO analysis, and optimized digital solutions, our client witnessed a rise in organic traffic and page rankings. Here are the precise results that show the impact we have created on their business growth:
Organic Traffic:
  • Sessions increased by 26.70%.
  • Users increased by 24.87%.
  • Pageviews increased by 26.51%.
client Logo
Keyword Ranking:
1the gardens apartments3,4008
2apartments with backyards1,3003
3garden apartments near me1,0005
4louisiana apartments8007
Ahrefs Report:
Note: In the below screenshots, we can see that Total Backlinks is 9.54K from 726 Referring Domains. Moreover, for the last 30 days, Referring domains increased consistently.

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