Boosting New User Traffic By 67% For A Travel Blogger Academy.

The Client

Our client helps aspiring travel writers with tips, eBooks, inside stories, courses, etc., that encourage them to start their travel writing career. Our client is a traveler, social media strategist, and photographer who guides young talent to break into travel writing. Her website is loaded with essential blogs, insightful stories, and engaging podcasts, making her website rich in diverse forms of content.

Boosting New User Traffic - Saffronedge

What was their burning problem that had to be solved?

Our client reached out to us via our website and approached our digital marketers to enhance their search visibility of the website. Since our client’s website offers various travel writing courses, they want to attract new audiences to drive new user traffic and capture new leads. Even though they have an established website with a decent client base, they wish to expand their online traffic and queries. Why? Because they are unable to receive new online traffic to their website.

What were the repercussions of low user traffic?

Our client’s website contact form submissions were insufficient, low submissions had reduced their clicks-to-call. They were garnering low profits from their returning customers. However, they want to tap into a wider audience and want to get more brand exposure. Our SEO experts and marketers at Saffron Edge were keen to work on this project as they found extreme potential in our client’s website.

The Aim

We Had To Develop A Profitable Niche Website!

Our client’s business belongs to a particular type of niche market. Their website needed multiple changes so that they could exploit the opportunity to attract new user traffic to their website. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we are extremely precise with our initial analysis. Once we lay down a clear timescale, we start implementing our strategies as per our client’s business development plan. To turn their website into an attractive platform for new users, we produced quantifiable results with SEO marketing strategies tailored to their marketing priorities.

They Needed A Modern Web Design.

At the beginning of our campaign, we realized that our client’s website was outdated with unclear messaging. The website’s design elements were not in sync with the current aesthetics of our client’s business. Irrelevant elements had cluttered many pages. All these existing resources had to be redesigned as they were clunky. Their existing website was not mobile-friendly and lacked a conversion-centered design. Due to this reason, their website had a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate affected their website’s SEO capabilities too.

Geo-Targeted Content Creation Was Crucial

They needed a new content strategy with geo-targeted web pages for their offerings. The content strategy includes engaging blogs, web pages, landing pages, newsletters, attractive contact forms to increase submissions with better clicks-to-call. We had to curate a modern website that makes their brand look professional and instantly offers a unique venue.

Geo-Targeted Content Creation Was Crucial
The Solution
Our SEO experts have worked diligently to develop tailored SEO services as per their business objectives. Our in-depth SEO knowledge helped us in recognizing factors that were hindering their traffic generation. With rigorous analysis, we could identify key tactics through which our client could boost the chances of targeted user engagement. These strategies were:
Enhanced Web Design – The website design was curated using two primary approaches. Firstly, we redesigned the website to include a robust inbound strategy. It helped us in creating brand awareness and drive new business to their website. Secondly, we optimized the security and responsiveness of the website so that our client can witness better website performance with ease.
Enhanced Web Design

Search Engine Optimization – Our SEO experts came on board and implemented a new keyword strategy. They optimized the entire website with more links that had high authority. For the same reason, we took advantage of guest blogging.

Enhanced Content – After adopting all these technical changes, we had to spread awareness about their business. How did we do it? By developing a series of whitepapers, ebooks, blogs, etc. We made sure each content piece highlight’s our client’s expertise and offers a strong CTA. Within the first month, our client could witness new opportunities associated with increasing new user traffic.

Appealing Graphics – As per the Statista Digital Market Outlook, revenues from e-commerce businesses are set to reach $563.4 billion by 2025. Hence, you can’t afford an inferior, outdated web design. Our digital marketing campaigns are incomplete without our graphic design team. They contributed numerous website designs that include designing our new webpages, whitepapers, eBooks, CTA buttons, and other support materials.

The Results
After implementing our new digital marketing tactics, our client’s website traffic increased sharply within the first month of our campaign. Their website saw a 67.20% rise in new user traffic! Our client’s unique business ventures have attracted a large audience in a short span. The increase in organic new user increase traffic suggests the growing interest among potential customers for our client. Whenever there is a rise in organic traffic, one can expect a smooth process of lead generation. Their website is visible to a broader audience which can assist them in expanding their business. We have enhanced their online presence, which makes them more credible. We provide in-depth reports to our clients about how our current strategies are making a difference. Here are the outcomes that were obtained within the first month of our digital marketing campaign.
Organic Traffic:
  • Users increased by 64.15%.
  • New Users increased by 67.20%
  • Sessions increased by 62.81%.
Graph of Organic Traffic Increased

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