How an OKR and Performance Management SaaS Company Achieved 100% Growth in 6 Months!

case study

About Client

In today’s competitive SaaS landscape, organic visibility & demand generation is the lifeblood of growth. But without a strong brand presence and engaging user experience, attracting qualified leads can be a major hurdle. This is precisely the challenge that our client at JOP, an OKR software company, faced before partnering with Saffron edge

Struggling with limited website visibility on SERP, lack of conversions and brand recognition,, JOP knew it needed a digital transformation to unlock its full potential. Our collaboration proved to be a game-changer, delivering exceptional results that propelled JOP’s business growth.


  • Convoluted User Journey: A labyrinthine website structure and sluggish loading times hampered user engagement, driving visitors away before they could experience the true value of JOP’s offerings.
  • Keyword Misalignment: Unoptimized keyword strategies left JOP voiceless in crucial search conversations. They were failing to speak the language their target audience used, resulting in missed opportunities and limited reach.
  • Content Dissonance: Generic, uninspired content failed to resonate with JOP’s ideal customers. This content vacuum offered no compelling reason for visitors to stay or convert, leaving the clients’ website’s value proposition unexplored.

Services Provided

  • Semantic SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Retargetting
  • LinkedIN ABM

Our Solutions:

Technical and UX/UI Audit

 We conducted SEO and UX/UI audit, revealing pain points and navigational issues of the website. With this insight, we rebuilt the website from the ground up. Prioritizing mobile-friendliness and fast loading speeds, we crafted an intuitive structure that guided users toward clear calls to action. Within the first 2 months of the new site, we saw an uptick in the engagement rate of the users.

Audience Identification & Targeting:

To attract qualified leads, we developed buyer personas, allowing us to craft content that resonated with the specific needs and pain points of our clients’ ideal end customers. This content, encompassing blog posts, infographics, and videos, was distributed across relevant channels and amplified through strategic influencer collaborations.

Retargeting for Re-Engagement:

But JOP needed more than just new visitors. Conversions were the ultimate destination. This is where Google retargeting became a game-changer. By deploying strategically targeted ads across the Google Display Network, we re-targtted users who had previously interacted with JOP’s website or content. These personalized reminders rekindled interest, nudged users back into the conversion funnel, and ultimately influenced purchasing decisions.

LinkedIN ABM Automation:

Parallelly our ABM team’s efforts of targeting key decision-makers within our client’s dream 100 prospect list lead to creation of 3 different message automation sequences that we were able to deploy from our client’s LinkedIN account. These personalized messages reached the right eyes at the right time, sparking a wave of interest. Within 3 months, we were able to secure over 70 MQL appointments through these campaigns, turning digital interactions into real-world conversations.


Growth in Organic Traffic

Inbound Lead Volume

MQL Appointments in 3 Months via ABM Campaigns

JOP’s commitment to their digital transformation combined with our insightful SaaS marketing strategies yielded positive results within 3-6 months. Organic traffic skyrocketed by 100%, exceeding initial projections and significantly expanding their reach. Inbound lead volume doubled, showcasing a surge in qualified potential customers. Furthermore, within 3 months of implementing retargeting campaigns, JOP witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in conversion rates, solidifying the effectiveness of this targeted approach.

case study
case study
case study