188% Increase in Organic Traffic for this OKR SaaS Platform


JOP is a SaaS platform to help businesses accelerate their growth by building high-performing teams for managing your company’s performance. It helps businesses create objectives and Key Result Areas for organizations and employees.

The Challenge

Ineffective content strategy

The client had a very impressive product, but the audience could not identify the need for OKRs. The content strategy was weak as it couldn’t rope in the importance of OKRs for a business to achieve its goals. The content on the service pages and the ‘about us’ page didn’t communicate the need for OKRs. There were no tutorials for using the JOP tool for creating OKRs.

Irrelevant keywords

Because the category is very niche, searching for relevant keywords was tough, and the low-volume keywords were being used. This led to low brand visibility on Google’s Search Engine Page Results(SERPs) from October to December 2022.

Website optimization

The site speed was 34 on desktop and 45 on mobile. This was the scope of improvement for the website. The navigation through the website was not user-friendly. The menu didn’t contain all the required services and topics of communication.

The Solution

Keyword strategy

We used SEMrush to search relevant keywords also used by the competitors but high on search. These were used to do the interlinking on service and blog pages. Long tail keywords were used to get the ranking and position high in the SERPs. This helped in showing growth in organic users in the months of January to March 2023.

The content strategy was revamped

Email marketing played an important role in our strategy. The client provided us with the customer database, and emailer campaigns were done twice a month. Newsletters were done to keep users updated on the OKR industry. Guest blogs and on-page blogs helped increase the website’s overall traffic.

The Results

  • The on-page activities helped increase organic traffic by 188% in these 3 months.
  • The session rate increased by 95% in the past 3 months.