A 49% Hike In Organic Traffic For A Recruitment Service Company

Recruitment Service

The Client

Our client owns an organization committed to finding talent that can help a company hire the best individual. Their top-notch client service has enabled them to be ace a prominent position in the recruitment service industry for life science and healthcare companies. Their business is currently situated in South Riding, Virginia, United States.

This executive search firm is well-known in North America for delivering visionary talent all across the globe. Hence, with a wide array of advisory and executive search services, our client has made a popular position for itself. Their services include inclusion strategy, executive coaching, diversity, and onboarding consultation.

The Challenge

Recruitment service-providing companies have to ensure that their consumers get their desired candidate quickly. They offer an approachable and personalized service to their clients. Their business has captured revenues through their local clients; however, they wish to engage companies from all across the USA. It will help them in growing their website and receiving more revenue growth.

With companies reopening after the pandemic, our client knew that companies would look for fresh candidates. Hence, they wanted to drive new clients to their website so that it helps them in converting them. Therefore, they needed to adopt robust digital marketing practices.

DTC Marketing


Our Client Wanted More User Search Traffic.

Our client was struggling to drive high intent traffic with their traditional advertising methods. They were not getting traffic from referral sites, blogs, directories, etc. Hence, their growth became stagnant, and further client acquisition became tough.

They Wanted To Draw More Local Traffic For Brand Awareness

They knew several local companies residing in North America that would look for new candidates through online searches. However, they couldn’t engage new users due to a lack of brand presence on the internet and poor website visibility.

They Wanted To Outsmart Other Service Providers

Our client was not well-equipped with digital marketing strategies that could help them steer clear of local competitors. Many recruitment services near North America offer similar offerings. Therefore, generating new and unique user traffic was a challenging task. We curated data-driven strategies that could help them enhance their front-page presence in Google SERPs.

Curating data-driven strategies

The Solution

Our SEO experts created tailored SEO services as per their business requirements. Our SEO knowledge suggested several traffic generation opportunities that are mentioned below. Let’s look at strategies one by one.

Keyword Strategy & Market Research

We evaluated their business, market competitors, and niche data. It helped our team in curating a digital strategy that can boost their search engine visibility. We also conducted extensive keyword research to ensure the best outcomes. We also developed a comprehensive content map that made their website look more authoritative.

Comprehensive Content Marketing

After our strategic outlining and market research, we proposed a set of effective content marketing strategies. Our in-house writers produce several industry-aligned content pieces such as blogs, web pages, case studies, etc.

Earning Trust Via Directory Citation

We wanted our client’s website to rank up on the first search results page for recruitment services near North America. To attract more customers, our clients had to boost their online authority. We took care of page optimizations like NAP citations in trusted sources, developed press links with authoritative local resources, and rectified NAP discrepancies.

The Results

We have increased our client’s online presence, due to which they look to be more credible than their competitors. We provide in-depth reports to our clients about how our current strategies are making a difference. Here are the outcomes that our client achieved:

Increase in Organic Traffic:

  • Users increased by 45.27%.
  • Sessions increased by 46.38%.
  • New Users increased by 49.85%.