A 32% Rise In Organic Traffic For An Anti-Aging Center Based In Louisiana, USA

Organic Traffic

The Client

Our client owns an anti-aging center situated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They offer a personalized and integrated biomedical approach to reverse or slow down the natural process of aging. They utilize state-of-the-art technology and modern solutions in diagnostics, health, and wellness. They offer multiple treatment options along with aesthetic procedures and regenerative medicines customized as per individual needs.

The Challenge

Even though they have a dedicated customer base that provides customers who have been their clients for a long time, their website fails to attract new organic traffic. Due to this, they cannot scale their company and face difficulties in business expansion.

Our client’s business serves a diverse range of clients; hence, they have the potential to attract more customers. Enhancing organic search performance can help them drive highly qualified prospects, which can uplift their profits.

Excellent organic search traffic can prove cost-effective in the long run as it is a more sustainable approach. Hence, higher organic search traffic will allow them to make more engaged visitors and regular sales. It will also help them to achieve higher credibility.

The site rank continuously declined due to the absence of an SEO team.

They Wanted To Offer A Seamless Website User Experience

There is a massive difference between attracting new customers to a poorly optimized website and a high-performing website with appealing UX. A poor user experience will discourage a user from making a transaction because it will cause friction during user actions. Our team of designers had to work rigorously on improving their UX.

The site rank continuously declined due to the absence of an SEO team.

They Wanted To Get Rid Of A Slow Website Speed

A lack of website optimization and slow loading speed can increase the bounce rate dramatically. A high bounce rate can consequently lead to poor traffic conversions. Hence, customers will drop out of the website very soon. Our SEO specialists had to adjust their website’s performance in terms of speed and usability.

Their Content Strategy Lacked Relevance

Our content marketing team created engaging web pages, blogs, posts, and sponsored posts that included essential keywords and long-tail search terms. We also implemented content repurposing as our client wanted to revamp their existing content. Fresh, customer-centric content shall make their website look more credible and relevant.

They Wanted To Make Key Optimizations To Increase Their Credibility.

We had to make some critical optimizations to enhance their credibility and authority. We wanted to rank their website higher on Google SERPs; however, we also wanted to bring them a quality network of backlinks. Our key optimizations included navigation, loading speed optimization, enhanced backlinks, and a rich keyword strategy.

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The Solution

?We develop industry-leading SEO methods that enable our clients to maximize their success! We offer best industry practices for our clients that guarantee nothing less than top-notch results. Similarly, we perform SEO fine-tuning along with other tactics that are mentioned below.

Inclusive Onpage Optimization:

We assessed the current position of our client’s website in organic search results. After evaluating their website rank, we performed a complete website audit to find the shortcomings that lower their website’s performance. Our developers made minor modifications that steadily increased their search engine preferability.

Content Marketing And Repurposing:

Producing enticing content is a must for a website! Our content marketers delivered keyword-rich articles, blogs, and engaging web pages that ranked high on SERPs. We even created industry-specific links that helped them drive quality referral traffic.

New Linking Strategy:

We realized that many links on their website were either harmful or irrelevant. Hence, our experts conducted an extensive link audit to identify technical errors and better keyword targeting options. We always target good directories amidst supporting keywords to increase the potential of our client’s online business.

New Linking Strategy - Saffronedge

The Result

Our client gained new momentum as new organic users increased on their website. The surge in new organic traffic was quite significant when compared to the previous months. We offer in-depth reports to our clients; here are some of the results we obtained during our campaign.

Average Qualified Leads:

  • The average qualified leads (per month): 15

Increase in total clicks and impressions:

  • Users increased by 32.16%.
  • Sessions increased by 31.16%.
  • New Users increased by 31.53%.

Increase Total Clicks and Impressions

Increase in total clicks and impressions:

  • Total impressionincreased by +16.3K
  • Total clicksincreased by +110

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Improvement in Domain Authority