A 109% Hike In Organic Traffic For An Online Motorbike Seller.


The Client

Our client’s company deals with motorsport vehicles such as Automatic Motorcycle, Mini pocket bikes, Scooter, Go-Karts, Gas & Electric bikes, Gas ATVs, Electric ATVs, Mini Jeep, Choppers, etc. They also sell a wide range of motorcycle parts and accessories. Currently, they have warehouses across California, Texas, Georgia, and Canada. Our client belongs to a niche market. However, they have garnered global sales. They want to attract more buyers across Canadian cities like Brampton, Brockville, Montreal, Cavendish, Ontario, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec City, etc.

Automatic Motorcycle And Mini pocket bikes

What was their burning problem that had to be solved?

Apart from upgrading their manufacturing process, they want to make sure they can attract more clients. Even though they are veterans of this niche market, they struggle to get new ways of online product promotion. Their in-house team is finding it extremely difficult to find new clients. Upon discussing their ambitions and business goals, our digital marketers got insightful information about their brand.

What was their intent behind attracting online audiences?

Our client’s company has a friendly atmosphere where workers encourage teamwork. They have put immense attention to improving their products’ quality and bringing out innovative solutions for bikers. They have worked hard on enhancing their product’s quality, and now they want to raise their company’s online rating and brand presence. Our client wants to tap into the audiences who have a high purchase intent of buying motorbikes or are bike enthusiasts or endurance racers. To increase international and domestic sales, they need to attract thousands of new customers from Canada and the USA.

The Aim

Our Client Wanted To Boost Their Organic Rankings.

Our client approached Saffron Edge to boost their online visibility, website usability and generate organic search traffic. Numerous terms that our client wanted us to target had a lower search volume. However, they were highly lucrative. They wanted our marketers and SEO experts to drive traffic back to their website and enhance organic rankings of few crucial web pages.

Their Business Needed Website Redevelopment.

Team Saffron Edge had to restructure the client’s original website by utilizing competitive SEO techniques that are industry-proven methods for increasing organic visibility. We wanted their website to have engaging, keyword-rich content because we didn’t want to sacrifice the content quality.

Site-wide Audit Was Essential To Identify Growth Areas.

A different vendor developed their existing website; hence, we performed a site-wide audit to analyze the health of their website. After our comparative evaluation, our web pages were not even ranking in the first five Google SERPs. After our extensive analysis of keywords, we found that our client’s website received a small percentage of traffic from non-branded keywords.

Our content marketing and SEO experts realized that their website needed some compelling content. They saw extreme potential in their website. Effective content curation could help them in improving searchability. Therefore, our content curators had to write numerous blogs, articles, web pages, contact pages, and other content pieces.

SEO Logo - Saffronedge

The Solution

Our SEO experts have worked diligently to develop tailored SEO services as per their business objectives. Our in-depth SEO knowledge helped us in recognizing factors that were hindering their traffic generation. With rigorous analysis, we could identify key tactics through which our client could boost the chances of targeted user engagement. These strategies were:

Competitive GAP analysis

Our team evaluated the keywords that our client’s competitors were targeting. It allowed us to look into areas where our client was lagging. After our GAP analysis, we asked our content team to concentrate on those keywords and develop fresh blogs, articles, and posts—the motorbike industry functions in a pretty different manner.

Motorsport website owners often target irrelevant keywords, and our client made the same mistake. We realized that many competitors didn’t leverage content; hence, we created blog content around suitable keywords. We then implemented high-quality link-building tactics along with strategic content.

Structured Data, Technical SEO, and On-Page Optimization.

When websites have a small backlink profile, we have to focus on pages that matter the most. We concentrate on optimizing their site structure with strategic content so that their pages can rank well on Google. On analyzing their under-developed backlink profile, we realized that it needed urgent improvements to achieve good site rankings. To benefit from the local searches, we added structured data markup to boost organic click-through rates and website traffic

Boosting Site Authority Link Building

Marketers at Saffron Edge performed a comprehensive audit of our client’s backlink profile. We found several harmful links that were toxic. We initiated a high-scale outreach campaign, but why? We wanted to enhance the quality of their backlink profile.

For the same reason, we focussed on high-authority publications across Canada and the USA. Within four months, our client was able to secure numerous backlinks in highly relevant publications. It boosted our client’s domain authority.

New Content Strategy

Our team of content writers wrote web pages and blog posts that were strategically developed on in-depth topics. These topics revolved around the motorsport/motorbike industry.

The content demonstrated our client’s authoritativeness over keyword searches. We improved their average content score as it was too low. We made significant improvements in content which helped their website to rank against many high-value keywords.

Content Strategy

The Result

After strategically targeting easy win keywords, our client was able to get first-page exposure that allowed them to drive a high amount of traffic. Several keywords were ranking on page 1! With the help of our managed SEO services and marketers, their organic traffic rose consistently. There was a constant rise in their website’s organic traffic. Their backlinks, traffic value, organic keywords, etc., are constantly improving. It was possible because of developing rich, high-quality content, which was further supported by our link-building strategies. We provide in-depth reports to our clients about how our new techniques are making a difference. Here are the results that were obtained within the first four months of our campaign.

Organic Traffic:

  • Users increased by 109.73%.
  • Sessions increased by 136.59%.
  • New Users increased by 109.59%.

Organic Traffic

Goal Conversion (Organic):

  • Goal completion increased by 391.30%
  • The goal completion rate increased by 107.66%.

Goal Conversion