50% Revenue Growth in Multilingual SEO Campaign

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client is a leading retailer of Interior Decor products operating across 8 european countries. The business has been operational for more than 8 years and their online visibility was stagnant. The client partnered with us in March 2018 with the objective of organic growth across all 8 domains including a boost in revenue.

The Challenge

  • The client had 8 multilingual domains that targeted 8 respective countries
  • Identifying Local Traffic groups to target content and paid marketing efforts to generate traffic as well as sales.
  • Each location had their website in their local language and needed to be optimized and marketed in their respective languages.

The Solution

Location Specific Keyword Research and Optimization was performed on all the 8 domains based on their respective country and target audience search trends.

Optimizing the website from technical standpoint and making sure each website adheres to Google’s Optimization checklist.

Create several focus Ad Groups on Google Ads targeting specific audiences across all the 8 countries.

Identifying and publishing Multilingual Content on different high quality websites.

Content Repurposing and Remarketing across multiple audience groups to tap into the right audience set.

Analysing User Behavior and Search trends to fine tune Ads targeting to improve their ROI.

The Results

In about 4 Months we started seeing some promising growth in terms of Visibility and Revenue. Here is a country wise breakdown of their improvement