38% increase in organic search traffic for a Medical Financing Company

The Client

The client is a healthcare financing solutions provider working in the industry for more than 30 years. Based in California, they’ve been helping applicants secure financing for their healthcare procedures with the help of a wide network of healthcare-focused lenders. Some of their services include dental financing, fertility financing, plastic & cosmetic surgery financing, vision-care financing, general healthcare financing and more. They approached us to get in front of more people in need of healthcare financing through digital marketing.

The Challenge

The healthcare financing industry in the United States is a crowded business niche with many businesses trying to make it in the industry. To stand out and get recognized by our client’s target market, we needed to completely re-brand their digital presence from the ground up and that took some serious planning from our end.

The Solution

After our initial website audit, here are some of the solutions we came up with for our client to give a boost to their online presence –

We started the campaign with optimizing our client’s website for search engines. This included making it load fast by getting rid of all the heavy website elements, making it mobile responsive and making sure that its user experience was top notch.

Our SEO experts then got down to research and figured out the most searched keywords in their industry to use for our client that would bring a ton of traffic to their website.

With the help of our content writers, all the important keywords we chose for our client were then implemented on their website naturally. On top of that, we also decided to start blogging for our client based on those high-search intent keywords for extra search engine exposure.

Our SEO experts then decided to run a highly-targeted PPC search ad campaign for our client. For designing the campaign, we took help from our team of designers to design a stellar landing page for the client and our team of content writers filled it with engaging copy that would help us in making conversions.

To generate more online exposure for our client, we partnered with various influencers in the Financing industry by outreaching them our client’s unique solution and explaining to them how it can help their audiences secure healthcare financing hassle-free. The one’s impressed with our client’s solution mentioned our client in their blogs and other marketing materials which worked wonders for improving our client’s bottom line.

To increase the traffic coming to our client’s website even further, our social media marketers created social media profiles for our client on major social media platforms and actively started marketing their solution on their behalf to attract a wider audience.