309% increase in Local Traffic through Geo-Targeting Campaign

The client runs a leading tutoring center in Westchester, New York which helps kids, students, adults and senior citizens alike get proficient in reading. For more than 35 years, our client has helped more 10,000 struggling readers get proficient in reading and hands down provide the best reading program in the area. They approached us to bring in more subscribers to their program.
  • The client had never invested in digital marketing. They were just surviving on their goodwill and word-of-mouth marketing. Which needed to change. So, we decided to set up and execute everything for them from scratch and that was really a challenge for us.
After our initial website audit, here are the solutions we came up for our client to attract more customers for their reading program
After the audit, our SEO experts found some major navigational flaws on our client’s website and fixed them instantly to increase the overall user experience.
Our developers then worked on making the client’s website mobile responsive to attract mobile users on the web and to get in the good books of Google.
All the heavy elements from the client’s website were optimized to increase it’s. loading speed, again to stay in the good books of Google.
Our SEO experts then researched our client’s industry vertical and chose the best keywords which our client absolutely needed to rank on to attract users.
The chosen keywords were then incorporated on our client’s website’s meta-structure and content with the help of our content writers to gain the attention of relevant searchers on the web.
With the help of our content writers, we started blogging for our client to showcase our client’s authority in the niche and to regularly put out new content that helped improve their overall local visibility
Fired up local SEO efforts by submitting business information on relevant directories, incorporating high-search intent local keywords in their content and optimizing their local citations.
Actively built backlinks for our client’s website by sharing blogs on social media, other social bookmarking websites and by partnering with other authoritative blogs in our client’s niche via guest posts.
Initial total traffic of the client’s website
Total traffic after working with us
Percentage increase in total traffic
Organic Search Traffic increased by 206.67%
Conversion rate of our client’s website reached 30%

Take Away

SEO undoubtedly is the best way to gain massive exposure in this vast digital arena. But you’ll have to take care of all the moving elements of SEO and do them in close sync with each other to see the success you crave for. We can help!
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