120% Organic Traffic Growth For A Professional Law Firm Based In California


The Client

Our client owns one of the most powerful law corporations in Louisiana. To date, they have retrieved more than $1 Billion in verdicts and settlements. As the owner of a leading law firm, they manage severe and catastrophic personal injury cases. Lawyers from their firm showcase a vast array of expertise and skills, which has helped them gain success in cases involving drug and peddling charges, automobile accident charges, charges on trucking, boating, railway, and aviation accidents cases on product liability, etc. In addition, their trained associates and legal assistants use modern practice management systems such as digital technologies to market their services.

Digital marketing

The Challenge

?Unlike other businesses we have worked with, our client had a decent UX design with a pleasant color palette. But that does not take away the fact that their website was sluggish and extremely slow! Due to this, they lost massive potential traffic and experienced a low percentage of repeat visitors. To increase the organic flow of traffic on their website, they needed to implement a site-wide SEO optimization strategy. Their content shall include organic keywords and long-tail search terms. They also needed to update and republish their old content. Higher credibility and authority help a website to rank on top of the Google SERPs. Therefore, their website needed a quality network of backlinks that was missing. It must be done to increase readership on their web pages.

Professional Law Firm Based In California

The Solution

We follow industry-proven SEO techniques, due to which we are a part of hundreds of client success stories. Saffron Edge’s comprehensive SEO plans are well-tailored as per the best industry practices and our clients’ business needs. Our fine-tuning SEO approach and affluent client base are what convinced our clients to work with our experts.

Content Marketing And Optimization

For achieving success via organic campaigns, curating top-notch content is essential.Our content experts created premium articles, blog posts, and case studies that were easy to read, engaging, and ranked well. We develop industry-specific links that drive quality referral traffic.

Comprehensive Onpage Optimization

We analyzed the current position of our client’s website in organic search, after which we performed an audit. We recognized several shortcomings of their website, based on which we made minor modifications to enhance their search engine preferability. In addition, we deep-dive into content analytics to create enriching SEO strategies.

Linking Strategy

We found that existing links were irrelevant and manipulative. After performing an extensive link audit, we analyzed crawling, keyword targeting, technical errors, and internal linking. We made sure that we target relevant directories with supporting keywords to increase their client base, looking for businesses related to their niche.

Law Firm

The Results

We provide in-depth reports to our clients about how our strategies are making a difference. Here are the results that were obtained within the first five months of our campaign.

Organic Traffic-

  • Users increased by 119.05%.
  • Sessions increased by 120.33%
  • Pageviews increased by 222.05%.

Organic Traffic For An Online Motorbike Seller

Goal Conversion-

  • Goal completion increased by 155.06%
  • Goal Completion rate increased by 15.76%

SEO Report
SEO Report