2020 has finally dawned! A new year always means expecting new, unique, and trendsetting things. The same happens for webmasters and web designers too. They look forward to refreshing, new, and unique website designs that may be the future revolution. There is an ample number of advancements in technology that get introduced every year. Web designers, developers, and masters understand the fact that the only constant thing is change. Also, they must keep up with the changes to stay in trend and be enriched with knowledge of their field. 

 Website design can not be overlooked as it has become important in creating an identity as well as promoting a brand. Similar to any aspect of a business on an online platform, website design trends keep changing. One must keep themselves updated with the evolving landscape to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, providing a unique, accessible, and user-friendly web design for the target audience is important! 

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 Top 7 Web Designs In 2020

 The web has witnessed enormous growth since it was discovered. Mobiles have reigned us, and with the passage of time, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence is taking over the business landscape. As advantageous and needful, these technologies have been, their real impact is seen only in a few aspects of which web design trends are a major area. Here are the top web design trends to know that would help us set a benchmark in 2020.

 1. Smart CSS Grids

 Before, web designers had to make a crucial decision – whether they have to design a webpage for the computer or for mobile. Also, the greatest task is that they want to develop the website in a manner that it should figure out the device in which it is opened and then adapt to the device. Yes, the website needs to be responsive. Using smart CSS grids helps in designing such a flexible webpage that is so much easier. It’s the latest technology that allows the excellent organization of content, highest, and unmatchable quality of user experience. The website becomes highly adaptable on all versions of both desktop and mobile that suits a user’s screen.

 2. Video Addition

 Videos are a must in this time of cut-throat competition and decreasing attention span of the target audience as it quickly engages the audience and markets the brand more efficiently. This element of video addition is not a new one, but people have great expectations for this new year 2020. So, videos are inevitable and must-haves for the web page. The designing, content of the video, as well as the quality of the video, must be planned properly. The meaning and purpose of the video must be clear and evident. The videos must be aptly handled as representatives that visually carry forward the spirit and overall goals of the brand. The video addition must be in a way that it can’t be skipped by the target audience, and they should come back for more!

 3. Motion Design

 We live in a fast-paced and digitized world. As a result, impatience has dawned on us and has become a part of us. We expect even the search engines to load much faster and answer our queries more quickly. We need everything instantly! A website designer obviously should take advantage of this behavior and leverage from it efficiently by including motion design on their site. Motion designs instantly provide information that’s engaging too. They are useful in conveying a message in a far better way than the textual and pictorial content. GIFs can be the best example of exemplifying usage of motion pictures. GIFs load faster than the videos and communicate everything in a concise period, though the information is highly complex. Additionally, GIFs work well in all screen sizes too.

 4. Asymmetric Layouts

 Every new creative discovery requires a bit of courage for implementation to make the business stand out of the crowd and to project itself to the world! Similarly, creativity would make the website designs too, to take a bolder step- a more significant leap in 2020. The unique and rarely used asymmetrical layouts will be seen on the websites. This anticipation for an increase in their usage is due to the larger amounts of enthusiasm, fun, rarity, and individuality of the brand. Thus, it’s a new trend in web page design that has a far reach and greater appeal on all websites, especially on personal websites. This uniqueness rendered through asymmetrical layouts and structures must be carefully implemented and spaced, in a way that would make the webpage catchy and not messy.

 5. Voice User Interface (VUI)

 Many gadgets are currently equipped with virtual assistants like Google Now, Cortana, and Siri. These Smart assistants have set a new trend – an increase in the number of people who use voice queries than text. The convenience rendered in through voice queries makes people switch to it over manual text. With this increasing popularity of searching with voice, website developers and designers should provide the best voice-user interface. It must offer a great user experience that is more customized and is responsive across all screen sizes. Be prepared for this trendy website design with great innovation!

 6. Infusion of Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

 Big data is the basis of our sustenance today. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the basis of handling big data. Webmasters and designers need to stay updated and be adaptable with these technological trends as in the recent future; the user interface can be influenced and dominated by these trending technologies. Advanced machine learning and AI must be mastered by web designers and be infused with web design trends that would help in targeting the users better and offering a customized experience to them. AI and machine learning are set to change the landscape of web designing more drastically and uniquely than any others.

 7. 3D Modelling and Rendering

 Adding yet another dimension is always beneficial – be it life or technology! 2020 would witness the rise in the usage and popularity of 3-Dimensional modeling and render in their website designs. 3D modeling and rendering would become more accessible and affordable, even for those who lack specialized 3D training. Defy, and Adidas have adopted 3D modeling and showcasing it on their websites as of now and many more are predicted to follow the trend. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant emerging website trends in 2020.


New and creative website design trends have admired by people every year. The website designers should keep in touch with these updates to be relevant in their field and be useful to a whole lot of users. 2020 would be another advancing year in technology where only the best user experience providers can withstand. Make use of the above said far-reaching technologies and be dominant in the market!

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