Explore these Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant


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Jul 22, 2019


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Powerful Marketing Strategies It is important for restaurants and food chains to invest in online marketing and advertising. Doing so would increase the establishment’s popularity and drive in more visitors who’re looking for a trendy places to dine at.  Facebook has become a powerful social media platform that encourages businesses to reach more people by utilizing their paid advertising features. Facebook marketing service is one of the most viable options available for restaurant owners to generate great visibility, branding and ROI for their business.  However, it is not as simple as investing a budget in the campaign and let it run automatically. In order to make the most out of marketing tools, its very important to adapt marketing tactics and strategies that help you generate required results. This is where social media marketing agencies can help. We spoke to our social media experts and compiled this list of these powerful marketing strategies that can do wonders for making your restaurant a success on Facebook. It has been widely established that Facebook is one of the most important marketing platforms today when it comes to promoting a businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective strategies that restaurants and food chain owners can leverage while using Facebook.  Promotional Campaigns and Special Events This is one of the most important factors when marketing a certain business through Facebook. Restaurants and food chains can easily engage and gather more footfall by hosting and promoting events that resonate with their target audience. Putting up invitations to activities like shows, live telecasts, live gigs, contests or even simple promotional offers can go a long way to engage users and entice them for a visit or referrals. Facebook Marketing Doing a post recapping the highlights of the events previously hosted through videos and photos can also become viral and encourage even more people who may have missed out in the first place thereby doubling your footfall and engagement with this easy yet recurring tactics. Demography Targeting and Reach One of the most promising features of Facebook would be the ability to target a specific demographic when promoting a business. For a small amount, restaurant owners can enter the type of demographic that they wanted to target in a specific area. They can determine the age range and set the location radius. This is extremely useful, especially when the business wanted to build more organic followers, or if the business wanted more engagement in their pages. Restaurants and food chains are utilizing this feature to display an advertisement to people living near the business, encouraging them to pay the restaurant a visit. Visual Creatives & Advertisements This type of advertising emphasizes on displaying photos and videos as a way to market the business. Restaurant owners can focus on having professional videos and photographs be used all across their marketing campaign to entice the audience. Food and Beverage can be marketed tremendously through the use of visual mediums and Facebook is one of the strongest visual advertising platforms that is cost effective and seamless for both business owners and users.  Facebook Remarketing Another impressive marketing strategy by Facebook is their ability to remarket. It can translate to a higher number of ROI, boosting customer engagement and generating more profit for the business. With an extensive customer database, restaurateurs have a gold mine of customer personas and data that they can upload on Facebook marketing segments to create their remarketing and lookalike audiences. This not only increases the chances of drawing  more customers with similar tastes and preferences to your restaurant, but also uses a lot less budget if marketed correctly thereby increasing your ROI. Brand Reputation Services and Management Facebook also encourages customers to leave reviews and recommend your restaurant to other users. This is both a boon and bane for any businesses. However, it is always a good practice for hotels and restaurants to encourage their customers to leave them positive feedback on their social media page as that helps increase trust and authority of the business thereby generating more business for them. Even if there are negative reviews out there, a professional brand reputation campaign can ensure successful suppression of these negative reviews online in order to maintain a strong positive brand value on social media. Page Creativity Last but definitely the most important strategy is to make the look and feel of your Facebook page as visual as possible. While we have discussed how and why to use the videos and images in an earlier part of this post, you need to have a creative team of designers & facebook marketers who can conceptualize brilliant creatives and gifs that bolster your brand and profile. This helps people to resonate with your messages, enjoy and share them with their friends and networks, thus enabling an indirect network of referral users connecting with your brand. Restaurant Post While a lot of these strategies seem easy to do, but restaurant owners don't always have the time or the resources to manage the campaigns effectively. This is where social media marketing agencies such as ours, can help take care of all the marketing efforts for the businesses while you can completely focus on your restaurant. Want to see how we can help?

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