Mapping Content To Your Buyer Journey


Feb 21, 2016


2 min read

Are you expecting a profitable customer experience on your website? Your content marketing strategies would do more than just what is expected if properly implemented. If you are still battling to win buyers from your e-commerce stores or traditional online businesses then inventing the content mapping formula could be the only remedy. Mapping relevant contents that would add distinction and clarity to your customer’s journey, hence softening the whole process.

How does it work?

Content mapping helps businesses in several positive ways, right from the point of brainstorming for the right content until the point of actualization of your aims. The buyer’s journey is more like a framework that recognizes the buyer’s advancement via the point of research through decision making.

And finally, the point of purchase culmination, and is triggered by the right content mapping strategy. In order to achieve the best content mapping strategy, there are several criteria that are necessary to fall in place. Some of these criterion includes;

Your Persona pain, problems and queries

Every one of your personas will have a marginally distinctive buyers excursion paving the way to making a buy or speculation with your business. All things considered, the inquiries each of those personas ask all through the procedure will contrast between them – and will likewise be different over the three phases of the purchaser’s journey, too.

This stage somewhat focuses at the mindsets of your personas, what is their various reasons for visiting your platform, what benefit would they derive from your content and the percentage of satisfaction they would get from the solutions offered to them. Keeping in mind that personas are looking for instructive, seller unbiased content that is engaged around a specific issue within reach or potential open door. In this stage, your audience are most inclined at knowing if you have the solution to their problems and whether at all it is solvable by chance.

Your Content type or Format

Your content type has more role to play in this stage of buyer’s journey. Generally speaking, contents in specific stages of a buyer’s journey is sure to perform better and faster than a bunch of others. One astonishing thing about this stage is this, a good number of people are more comfy and would rather choose topics in advanced education. Therefore, content types such as e-books, tip sheets and guides tend to be the widely used since it undoubtedly produces a great result. If you should talk about the consideration stage, lots of personas have seemingly identified their individual worries and are now convinced to read more on the curative solutions to them all.

Do you optimize your buzzwords?

Content mapping journey is more like another different subject in an institute’s course outline for a year. The reason is that it seems to appear smaller but in actuality has more extensions that imagined at the beginning.

The word “Buzzword” comes into play in this stage of buyer expedition. Buzzwords are those words that fires up the whole content structure, you can alternatively refer to it as a call-to-action word. Since it serves more of that purpose when incorporated in a content. Some good examples of Buzzwords are “Learn”, “identify”, “choose”, “hire”, “troubleshoot” etc. Incorporating these words into contents would helps to create customer/audience awareness.