How Video Should Be Used For Brand Building In 2019


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Jan 8, 2019


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VIDEO SHOULD BE USED FOR BRAND BUILDING Move over big chunks of content, users today prefer watching a snackable video instead for just about anything! Why? Because watching a video is simply more engaging than reading blocks of content and there’s an ever increasing number of users preferring to consume video content over anything else on the web. Users like Video so much that more than 85% of users would like to see brands produce more video content in the years to come. And brands are following suit. More than 80% of brands actively use some or the other form of video as their marketing tool and have admitted to continue using it for the next year as the ROI they’re seeing from videos is much higher than what they initially expected. And half of the remaining 20% of brands reportedly said that they plan to fire up their video marketing efforts pretty soon. So, there’s still time to hop on the video bandwagon for your brand if you haven’t yet started with it.

But Why Videos?

Video is the future of content marketing and brand building, there’s no denying about that. Depending on the way you use it, video can help your audience every step of their buyer journey and can generate a ton of awareness for the products or services you sell. Moreover, Videos help you connect with your audience in a way that plain blocks of content never can and helps spark emotion in your target audience. And when your videos emotionally connect with your audience, it fosters trust and makes them stick to your brand. But you’ll have to use videos strategically and carefully align it with the buyer journey of your customers to get the best results. So, here are a few ways to powerfully use videos to market your brand, stand out from the noise and gain a lot of exposure in 2019 -
  1. Share your brand’s story

    Every brand has a story behind its inception. Every brand has a purpose to fulfill.What better way to showcase your unique brand story with an engaging video? While blogs have been the go-to way for marketers to share compelling brand stories with their audience to make them trust their brand, video is quickly taking over. Publishing brand stories is all about making a glorious first impression, getting in the good books of prospective customers and quickly building an emotional connection with them and video is a perfect match for it. In your brand story video, try creating a video for your brand that clearly showcases what your business stands for, what customers can expect from your business and why your business is different from the rest to make an impact on your audience. Keep your product marketing to the bare minimum in your brand stories, rather focus on the values your products brings to the table.
    Barbie does it perfectly with their powerful video campaign that clearly showcases what their brand sells… dreams, not dolls. It is an engaging video which powerfully connects and leaves an impact on viewers and puts their brand in the best light possible.
  2. Showcase your products or services

    Videos are a great way to boast about your own products and services and sell it to prospective customers. Other than that, videos can serve as great product explainers tools as well. More than 95% of people agree that they watched a product explainer video to get a better understanding of a product. If you offer a complex product or a SaaS solution, showing a video that clearly tells users how to use it is always better and more engaging that throwing a full-fledged document at their face which elaborates the process for them. For example, Spotify, in their initial years when they were the first of its kind, marketed themselves with the help of a great product explainer video which told users exactly how their product can help them in hearing music that they like, anytime. And the video was responsible for convincing and bringing in initial users for Spotify. Which you can do too. You can take the help of a video-production company or use tools like PowToon that can do it for you. When making product explainer videos, keep it short and precise and focus on highlighting the true value your product delivers so prospects can quickly get a jist of what your product has to offer Other than that, to stand out from the competition, you can create boastful videos about your products or services that shows users exactly how your product is better than the rest to gain an edge and impress prospects right off the bat. Blendtec is a perfect example of a brand that aced video marketing with their one-of-a-kind product videos. Blendtec sells blenders with a tagline of ‘World’s most advanced blenders’ and started a video marketing campaign to showcase the superiority of their blenders in 2006 which went viral instantly. The viral video marketing campaign included a video series of their blenders blending unblendable stuff like phones, cameras and more. The viral campaign still runs to this day and drives valuable sales for their business on a daily basis.
  3. Engage with customers by answering their questions

    Want to showcase yourself as a brand that listens to their customers? Start creating videos where you address the exact questions your customers are asking you day-in and day-out. Creating a video that answers all the burning questions of your existing customers can help you in portraying your brand as the one who cares about their customers and strives to provide them with the best experience, which builds trust with your audience. Moreover, by taking the questions head-on with your video and placing it in your Q/A page, you save yourself a lot of time answering the exact same question to a lot of other users. You can make use of live video on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and go on a live Q/A session with your audience where they can ask you the questions they like and receive answers in real-time. Great for building a strong relationship with your audience.
  4. Behind-the-scenes Videos

    Talking about live-video, you can make use of live-video to give a live sneak-peek to your audience about what happens behind the curtains of your business. Introduce your audience to the people who are responsible for running your brand, broadcast a company event or simply showcase your daily work routine, showing the human side of your brand can go a long way in making your audience trust you. On the plus side, live-videos are great for engaging with your audience as everything happens in real-time.
  5. Showcase customer testimonials

    Another great way to use videos to powerfully market your brand is by publishing customer testimonial videos on your website. When prospective customers see other people raving about your products and services, they automatically get inclined to make the final purchase, that’s the power of word-of-mouth. Many brands are already making use of video testimonials to boost conversions for their business by placing them prominently on their website. You should do it too to help users at the end of their buyer journey make the final purchase decision.
Video is a great way to build brand awareness, engage users, provide a great customer experience and boost sales. Whether you are planning to use it soon or have been actively including it in your marketing efforts, keep the above-mentioned ways in mind before you start creating the next video for your business.

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