How Can You Humanize The Process Of Marketing Automation?


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Sep 7, 2021


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In a world where businesses take every possible step to make the most with the help of technology, Marketing Automation proves to be a significant game-changer. Marketing Automation is a software technology that automates your firm’s marketing’s repetitive tasks requiring less human supervision to expound the concept. With the growing need to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction and a pleasing experience, business firms across the globe are searching for methods that allow them to become dynamic and efficient in anticipating what customers want and fulfill those things via technology.  Although a few marketing tasks, which are often too easy to be automated and repetitive, are taken charge of by Marketing Automation, there are still some ways your business can add a human touch to create more leads. According to a study, the global valuation of Marketing Automation software was scorching high USD 4.06 billion in 2019 Marketing Automation (2)

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Not only that, with more and more businesses investing in MA technology, the concept is expected to increase its worth in the coming years significantly. That said, it becomes a responsibility for companies worldwide to undertake marketing automation, a severe and beneficial advancement to tap on their customers. The primitive reason to avail your business with the profitable marketing automation system is the benefits that it provides your business- 
  • Efficient and targeted marketing, 
  • Increase in lead generation rates and tapping on quality leads,
  • It allows your marketing experts to create creative marketing campaigns instead of stressing mundane and repetitive tasks.

5 Ways To Make Marketing Automation Technology More Human!

Before we dive into the concept of humanizing the Marketing Automation system, your business must realize why it is essential. It may strike your mind that marketing automation defines itself as the technology that allows the software to take charge of some marketing tasks requiring less human effort. However, with the increasing need for personalized communication, involving human touch in marketing automation technology is suggested to target your prospect empathetically.

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Below are some ways in which your business can catch up with adding a human touch in your marketing campaigns, with the help of practical marketing automation tools - 

1. Nurture Your Leads

One of the primary ways to humanize your marketing automation approach is to understand and nurture the prospect leads, build a personalized connection with them to seek information about their expectations from your brand and the products/services you offer. There are always debates between quantity vs. quality in marketing. Since automation usually means tapping into the quantitative aspects, it is necessary to look after your generated leads to ensure acceptable quality.  Nurturing your leads refers to staying in one place and not focussing on the number of leads, but harvesting the existing leads with active listening and extensive understanding of their reviews about you. Nurturing may require an excess of time and effort, but gaining the customer’s trust helps your business add the worthiness to its name. Marketing Automation (4)

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2. Empathize As Much As Possible 

Envisioning yourself in the customer’s shoes gives you an idea of its purchasing needs, brand expectations, and purchase behavior. If you want to connect with your customers, your business must use empathy to communicate. If customers are unsatisfied with the services, tap on their minds and aim at connecting at a personal level.  Satisfying customer experience should be your business’ ultimate objective and knowing when to empathize and under what circumstances can boost the efficiency of marketing automation’s system. Empathy also enables your business to positively affect each customer across multiple platforms by building a one-on-one understanding to realize things they care about in a product or a service. 

3. Relate To Your Customer 

Another way of humanizing the marketing automation process is to be rational in your marketing actions so the customers can consider your business as an identity and not a software system. Including real names in your marketing automation strategies makes it convenient for a customer to believe in your brand. For instance, when you deploy marketing automation to render email targeting, the content of the email should sound relatable to the customer to obtain a deeper connection. Using first names in addressing the customer often works well in these situations.  Making your emails and communication trail engaging and need-specific helps you add an authentic tone to your business, thus proclaiming it as a genuine brand rather than an automated process.

4. Customer Engagement

Humanizing your marketing campaigns requires your business to enhance and boost customer engagement via the emails you send. Since automation does most of the tasks, you must act upon the purchase journey of a customer. The word ‘engagement’ usually refers to a constant conversation. As marketing automation aims at targeting your customers consistently, it becomes beneficial for your business to invest much time and effort in providing that humanness via customer satisfaction. In addition, you can create customer loyalty by focussing on customer engagement practices on various channels via customized content. And the more you communicate with your customers, the more reviews you can obtain from them, thus getting opportunities to work on and go the extra mile for your loyal customers. 

5. Segment Your Customer Base

Last but not least, to bring personalization in your marketing automation, consider segregating your customers into small segments and target each with relevant communication. Broadcasting your marketing content on large groups of customers sometimes fail as they have different demographics. Therefore, your business can segment a batch of customers to create content that triggers the relevant customers.  According to a study, marketing automation requires a business to consider segmentation to intend communication to the right audience. Incorporating customer-specific information into your automated emails helps create a credible business impression.  Is your business thinking of integrating marketing automation in its campaigns? Saffron Edge allows your business to tap on the latest automation technologies to boost your marketing department and present your organization as a relevant search for your prospective customers. With our expert guidance on digitizing your marketing campaigns, we aim at advancing your business towards a digital transformation! To know more, contact our team today and take a step forward towards marketing automation!

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