How can Amazon PPC automation help your business grow?


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Feb 21, 2022


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Every year, more than 2,000 sellers flock towards Amazon, and with so many players trying to grab their portion of share from the vast market, you must keep tabs on the pulse of the competition. But standing out from the crowd in such a competitive marketplace is not an easy task, and this is where PPC ads come into the picture. When used strategically, Amazon PPC ads can quickly drive traffic and spike up sales. Moreover, it also helps in achieving both short-term and long-term goals rapidly. But do you know that managing the performance of these ads can turn out to be a time-consuming process? Amazon PPC automation Source: Unsplash That is because optimizing PPC ads on Amazon requires regular tracking of keywords, keeping tabs on what is working and what is not, and optimizing CPC bids based on customer data. All this needs to be done to maintain the ROI, and you don't end up turning Amazon PPC into a money-guzzler.  However, you can skip all these steps and still make the most of the Amazon PPC ads by automating the whole process. So, let's dig deep into the world of Amazon PPC automation and explore how Amazon PPC automation can help you fuel the growth of your business. 

Is advertising on Amazon worth it?

In 2021, more than 2.14 billion people chose the online platform for their shopping spree, with more than 89% of the buyers agreeing that they prefer Amazon over any other eCommerce app, the reason for advertising on Amazon becomes obvious.  In 2021, Amazon had more than 41% of the market share, with Walmart ranking second on the spot at 6.6% market share. More than half of the online shoppers turn to Amazon to purchase anything online in the U.S alone.  advertising on Amazon Source: Unsplash But now, you might have started thinking that you can easily harness such a massive market of Amazon just by being present on it? That is not the case as the big market is attracting many sellers, which is why we are witnessing an influx of sellers on Amazon.  

Why do you need to incorporate automation?

You can't just run an Amazon PPC campaign and use the set-it and forget-it approach, as you need to keep managing the performance of a PPC campaign to get better results. You will always be bogged down with the PPC campaign live on Amazon, monitoring the bids to the keywords.  Better tracking of the Amazon PPC campaign ensures that you stay profitable and stay in line with the primary goal of your campaign. All this can turn out to be an arduous task if you have a vast product portfolio.  With the proliferation of the complexities of advertising, advertisers are now turning to automated PPC optimization tools. They are just flocking from manual management of PPC campaigns to Amazon PPC automation in simple language.  With the power of automation, advertisers can save hours of manual effort. They can easily direct their efforts to more critical parts of the business like inventory management, product research, and other marketing activities. 

Benefits of Amazon PPC automation 

Improved scaling 

By automating the mundane and monotonous tasks involved in the Amazon PPC campaign, you will be able to quickly scale up or scale down your marketing as per the need of your business.  If you manually manage the PPC campaigns of 10-20 products, scaling up or down the PPC campaign for all those products can become almost impossible. In such cases, advertisers lose their efficiency. But that will not be the case with a tool that helps automate the Amazon PPC campaign.  Benefits of Amazon PPC automation Source: Unsplash

Rule-based automation 

The rule-based automation system offered by the modern Amazon PPC automation tools can make your life easier. With rule-based automation, you can set the parameters that the algorithm needs to follow while optimizing your PPC campaign.  The algorithm parses throughs all the data related to your PPC campaign, and then it automatically takes action to increase your returns. It means that while still having a lot of control over how your PPC campaign runs and optimize, you will be harnessing the power of automation. 

Save time 

Never be in the misconception that running an Amazon PPC ad is a one-time job. If you are running a manual Amazon PPC campaign, then it can turn out to be quite time-consuming. You have to work on price, optimization, search term reports, find negative keywords, and check whether the ad aligns with your overall goal or not.  But with the automation of the entire process, you can ensure that you aren't wasting too much time on the PPC campaign and still making the most of it. The most important aspects of the PPC campaign, like bid management and keywords management, will be done automatically. 

Improved chance of winning the buy box 

If the snippet is everything for businesses pushing their brand on Google search, then the Buy Box is everything for companies selling products on Amazon. But since dozens of factors go into getting the buy box, not every seller can get it.  Although there is no 100% surety that you will get the Buy Box just by switching to automation; however, it will increase the chances for sure. You can use the power of an automated sponsored ad campaign and then generate an adequate amount of product reviews. It will show Amazon that you are a worthy seller who deserves to be in the Buy Box. 

Start working on data, not on intuition. 

Many sellers on Amazon for whom running an ideal ad on Amazon is still a mystery. They think what they are doing is working fine, but they aren't analyzing the data. It is called going off a hunch or being in a world where what you think is always right (like in this case, the seller feels that they are doing everything right for their PPC campaign on Amazon). This type of strategy will slowly turn the PPC campaign on Amazon into a money-guzzler. But automation of PPC campaigns can do the job for you. When you switch to automation, most of the work is done on hard data since automation is based on complex algorithms that are constantly being improved for perfection.  If you are selling a product on Amazon, then there is no way you can procrastinate running a PPC campaign since this is the only way to stand out from the crowd. From winning the Buy Box to becoming available at the top of the search result of Amazon users, PPC campaigns can do a lot for you. 


You can level up the game of the PPC campaign by turning the whole system on auto-pilot through automation while you focus on other essential aspects of the business. With the power of Amazon PPC automation, making the most of Amazon's PPC campaign wouldn't be a time-consuming chore. So, switch to automation and witness your PPC campaign doing wonders for your business.  Contact our experts to know how Saffron Edge can help enhance your PPC campaigns with PPC automation. We offer a vast range of Amazon marketplace services to help you grow your Amazon storefront.

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