‘Brand Collabs Manager’: Facebook’s New Influencer Search Engine That’s Almost Ready To Roll Out


May 21, 2018


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Influencer marketing is a trend that just won’t stop picking up steam.More than 80% of marketers have some or the other form of Influencer marketing campaign included in their marketing strategy and the ones who haven’t yet tried their hands at it, accepted that they will surely give Influencer marketing a try in their marketing strategy of 2018.

Which is huge! Despite being a marketing tactic that saw the light of day more than a decade ago, it still packs untapped potential… a lot of it!

How? People trust influencers more than brands (which has always been the case). And with so many brands trying to get the attention of their users today and facing lower ad tolerance, connecting your brand with an influencer becomes all the more important to gain an edge.

And there are many platforms out there that focus on doing just that – connect you to relevant influencers. Klear, Find My Influence & Little Bird are some prominent examples.


But there’s a big player in the market who intends to do just the same – Facebook, with it’s new tool called ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ which aims to make collaborations between brands and influencers a piece of cake.

This is not the first time a social media giant is entering the influencer marketing space. Twitter (with Niche) and Google (with Famebit) both tried their hands at Influencer Marketing and have failed to make any impact.

But Facebook is diving in deep with their own in-house tool and looks forward to disrupt how brands find and approach influencers for their everyday marketing campaigns (they disrupted

Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ by integrating it in a better way into Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp and succeeding at it even after implementing it on their platform after 3 years)

So, what exactly is ‘Brands Collabs Manager’

Though the tool is yet to roll out, it promises to streamline influencer marketing giving brands and creators more opportunities to collaborate and create better, engaging content experiences for their respective audiences.

As Facebook’s ad inventory becomes highly saturated, this tool will also serve Facebook as an additional revenue stream when the tool garners some traction amongst brands and influencers.

The only images available online of the tool are it’s leaked images which recently surfaced online on a German Social Media publisher’s website ‘AllFacebook.de’ and because of those images we got a peep at what the tool packs in its arsenal.

Let’s take a look at what the tool has to offer –

1. Creator Search


In this tab, as the name suggests, you will be able to find the influencers of your choice who you think will be the perfect fit for your brand.
Considering the robust analytics and sophisticated audience targeting options Facebook provides for running ads on their platform, this tool too will offer the same audience targeting functionality and will find influencers that best suits your selected target audience.

Audience Targeting Chart

It shows a comprehensive list of prospective influencers that are a perfect fit for your target audience with detailed metrics about the influencer. According to the leaked images, each influencer’s reach, engagement, followers and video views are highlighted next to them which lets brands take a better-informed decision.

Also, the ‘Show Portfolio’ option will let brands take a sneak peek at what the influencer has done so far with other brands and the type of posts they push out to their followers, which can be great to cherry-pick the best influencers.

2. Saved Lists

Saved List

Saved lists is the list of all your shortlisted influencers which you think are perfect for your campaign to be contacted or compared further. You will be able to create different lists for all your campaigns.

3. Suggested Creators

There is not much information or leaked images about this functionality of the tool but our best guess is under this tab you’ll receive personalized recommendations from the Facebook algorithm that go well with your brand based on campaign performance, audiences and engagement.

There is still time for this platform to completely roll out but that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over the awesome functionality it promises to bring to brands and influencers.

It brings a myriad of benefits to the table for everyone. For brands, as now they’ll be able to find influencers on the most influential platform and can plan better content experiences for their audiences that they’ll love. For influencers, as they’ll be able to monetize the following they’ve been so dedicatedly building for years. For Facebook, as engagement is pretty high with sponsored content and if the tool gains some traction, they can take a cut out of the collaboration deals, which is a common method of earning from creators.

And who knows what other revenue streams Facebook can invent with this single tool. Only time will tell!You can get your hands at the platform by joining its waiting list, the tool is currently open for testing only in the US.

Let us know about your ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ experience in the comments!

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