7 Secrets of Video SEO that you didn’t know about


Sep 2, 2019


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The idea of video marketing strategy isn’t new, but it is in the increasing pace from last 4-5 years. The earlier video was a single piece of a marketing plan. However, if in the present time, you take a look over the video, it has become famous for the outreach as it is available on every platform. 

With the help of the videos, brands can increase their presence in the market. 

According to HubSpot, including video in your marketing campaign can increase the conversion rate by 80%. If you dig deeper into research, 83% of business says that video provides a good return on investment. 

Even if you wish to make your social game stronger, you can’t neglect the power of the video. Research from Brightcove found that 53% of the consumer got engaged with the brand after viewing one of their videos on social media.

 7 Secrets to getting higher SERPs ranking through video optimization.

1. Choose the Right Hosting Platform

While choosing on which platform you want to host your video. First, ask yourself what you want from your video. Is it about generating leads or conversion or it’s all about brand awareness or general thoughts of yours?

If you want to put forward your brand awareness instead of the leads and conversion, then youtube and Vimeo is the go-to platforms. While hosting your video on these platforms, most of the traffic is received by them respectively.

If you wish to generate more leads and conversion from your videos and focused on gaining on-site traffic, then exploring other platforms that support this feature is the way to go.

2. The Thumbnail image should be engaging

Thumbnail is the first thing that searchers see when your video got indexed. Think thumbnail of a book cover or the homepage to your website. It’s here where searchers will click to view the video. So it needs to be compelling, relevant and should look engaging.

Video with the custom thumbnail receives a 30% more view rate. For instance, take a look from a thumbnail from a Moz video.

Source: Moz

“Your video thumbnail is more important than your title because it determines whether or not the people will click,” says Phil from WordStream.

3. Give Attention to the Title and Description of the Video

Title and meta description for videos are important as it is for the blogs. Before finalizing the title, make sure you thoroughly conduct the keywords research. This helps you target only those keywords that people are searching for.

Taking this into account, generally, people think to use as many keywords in the title to gain ranking. Caution: don’t make this mistake. Instead, ask yourself, “will you click on this title? Is it interesting?”

4. Make sure the landing page should be relevant to the video

If you’re thinking that optimizing your video is enough to gain ranking in SERPs, then think again. It is as important as optimizing the landing page, or the search engine won’t bother to crawl it on the first page.

Yes! It can be challenging to get organically ranked, but if you continue creating high-quality content and ensure SEO components are in place, then it’s not that hard to gain ranking.

5. The video should be the focus of the first page

In this fast running world, no one has a little extra to waste.

Make sure you provide your content easily accessible to the searcher or the crawler. So that crawler and search don’t have to hunt for it. If video is hidden, it naturally leads to low play rate because the people and the crawler, are unlikely to go out of their way to hunt or index the video.

To avoid this, the video should be the focus of your page. So, it will become easily accessible to both the crawler or the people.

6. Don’t embed the same video on multiple pages

You are creating yourself as a competitor of yours by embedding your video on multiple pages. It doesn’t make any sense to compete with yourself unless you are fighting yourself physically daily to achieve desired goals.

If your page and video are both relevant to each other, then there is no point to embed your video to other pages.

Source: Pixabay

7. Don’t rely on SEO properly

Lastly, don’t just focus on SEO blindly. As constantly changing algorithms of Google makes SEO a bit more difficult for the co-op.

If you wish to gain views on the video, you should also consider other factors as well. Likewise, you can opt for the PPC advertisement, social media boosting, which helps you to expand the reach of the video.

To keep engaging with the viewers, your video should focus on the storyline rather than on the sales. People also appreciate a little bit of humor as well. You can use your video for educating the people.

If you want a piece of knowledge about how you can make changes in your video to achieve a higher rank, feel free to contact us.

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