7 Hacks Where Your Inbound Marketing Can Improve Lead Nurturing


Feb 3, 2016


2 min read

Growing and nurturing leads is often regarded a very big challenge in marketing, nevertheless, a good number of inbound marketers often find it a tougher task in managing. Since inbound marketing was a very practical marketing strategy aimed at achieving business success, it can be used to improve lead nurturing.

Some hacks and inbound marketing practices that helps the marketer to grow business leads while also nurturing them to success.

Make Your Inbound Marketing Remarkable

It pleases me to ask you, how many marketers with the mindset of nurturing emails have you seen implement creations like “ Heyo! Thank you for visiting our whitepaper”? Common! marketing in its entirety is supposed to be very inventive, and the marketers behind it creative. Abhor conserved email templates and start developing something very remarkable and inviting, and watch your list as it grows beyond expectation. That’s the goal, always remember! the very best thing about this tip is that it welcomes readers to view it, read it, and even try to download some piece from your website, this is what I refer to as nurturing.

Do Open And Click-Through Goal Setting

A good number of marketers out there sing the song of email tracking, but some often make the mistake of neglecting goal setting. Do you have a pre-planned action on open-rates and click through rates on the lead nurturing? Another thing to have in mind is that the blogosphere does not encompass a lot of definitive data on the outcome of the numbers.

Do your social media monitorization

Did you realize that you can monitor discussions happening at this moment on Twitter? You may convey a lead-supporting email that prompts your prospect to pose a question or make a remark on Twitter. Does that sound great to know? You are sure it would. There are also certain tools that help you to monitor your social media platforms for keywords, alert your team and also permit you to interact easily; HubSpot could be the better choice in this category.

Emphasize on the pains of your audience

Do you know that you can drive your audience deeper into a sales funnel with a tactical measure? There are so many ways of doing this, a good number of marketers recognize the pains of their audience but does not have it in hand, the relevant ideas to explore. This is called the concept of being engrossed in indecision which can be ruled out being more professional. The bottom line is this, by talking more about the problems of your readers, it helps them to come closer, giving them hope that there is a solution to their problems and who knows when…you may just come in with their desired response in the next couple of post.

Invent Videography

Incorporating Videos into your inbound marketing campaigns also helps in lead generation. Ever received an email with a video embedded into it? Guess you know what that means, you know the outcome it will portray at first sight which is clicking and immediately viewing it.

Categorize your audience

categorizing your audience would give room for better communication and improved message delivery. Contents for your existing audience should be separated from that of potential audience and Vise Versa.

Incorporate marketing  automation

The use of automated system in inbound marketing will also help to improve lead nurturing irrespective of the campaign volume. The major role of automation software is to send out timely info to your distinguished potential customer with regard to their activities on your website.

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