5 Data-Driven Lawyer Marketing Strategies To Ensure Conversion


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Oct 20, 2021


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The world of digital transformation has aided every industry, be it the business entrepreneurs, healthcare, or legal advisors. Lawyers have benefited immensely from advanced and feature-rich technology that has changed their ways of converting a prospect into a loyal client. To run a successful law firm, legal marketers have to show their activeness and credibility to their target audience. Fortunately, legal firms could well achieve this with the help of effective lawyer marketing techniques.  It guarantees that the legal firm's virtual presence is possibly trustworthy and generates more conversions quickly. According to a study, with the global legal services market expanding every minute, its global value is anticipated to reach 750 billion (USD), which means the legal marketers have to face a quarrelsome business crunch. Although this could be tackled by effective marketing strategies and data-driven tips that bring quality traffic to your law firm, it can benefit your competitive potential via a wide array of marketing decisions.  Lawyer-Marketing

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With the advancements in social media platforms and online networking, the market for legal advisors has opened a plethora of options to their advantage. Lawyers generally used to market via conventional advertising techniques, such as word-of-mouth, posters, and hoardings. But, with modern-day internet trials and data-driven marketing approaches, complex advertising areas have become relatively easier to cope with. 

The Five Data-driven Legal Marketing Techniques

Marketing is the essence of potential conversions and gradual business expansion. With that being said, a law firm requires strategic marketing channels to bring in more leads and generate revenue from advisory solutions. Unlike other industries, lawyers have to make additional efforts to instill trust and brand credibility in the prospects' minds to ensure every possible lead generation they can drive.  Let's explore a handful of contemporary techniques that have arguably proven to be dominant for legal marketers. Driven Lawyer Marketing Strategies

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1. Analyze rival competition and conduct detailed research 

Primarily, the first step to legal marketing is to discern your competitors' working and market reach. Competitor research is an effective workaround to know what competitors are up to. It monitors their online account presence and allows you to learn more about their advertising performance. You must view your competitors' position and rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) and consider what specific keywords have been used for better ranking. You must not ignore these nuances to build a competitive strategy and finalize the advert pricing.  You can obtain the ideal expansion and development graph; a competitor's research plan demands your law firm study the culture and workings of your competitors, say their quantum of skilled resources, and notably their maximum potential. Their usage of keywords might help set up yours, and you could also consider framing them in a better position to gain a competitive edge. 

2. Reposition your geo-targeting 

Geo-targeting is the process of emphasizing the requirements of your local audience to gain their confidence and convert them into clients. It demands an efficient inspection of your vicinity's demographics. It means that you must closely analyze communities surrounding your legal business. It helps you in determining whether consumers demand your service or not. It is a common saying that a person should not search for a product or service outside of their local territory. Here, geo-targeting comes into play in terms of leveling the playing field for your law business and attracting customers that live in the same area. To position your geo-targeting tools, prepare zone-specific ads to target the local people and try to be locally focused on gaining better impressions from potential clients. 

3. Study the eagerness and at-the-moment requirements of the client 

The necessity for a lawyer differs from client to client; for example, let's assume an individual spends a significant amount of time and effort looking for a healthcare insurance lawyer to file a large claim against the facilities. However, if the situation becomes a legitimate marriage proposal, a client may not want to waste hours and days searching for the best attorney. They would usually start their trip by looking at the top five or six results on the SERP. This urgency and relevancy decide whether your law firm will acquire conversions sooner or later.  You must examine the data that highlights the part of your audience that wants immediate assistance. With that information at your disposal, you may capitalize on opportunities to generate conversions and retarget them for ongoing traffic and client retention.

4. Focus on search engine marketing and keep an eye on current trends

On average, there are a whopping 5.6 billion Google searches made in 24 hours daily, research says. As a result, there are several opportunities to capitalize on while focusing on the correct keywords and bidding on them to increase conversions. Your law company must obtain such information regularly and look through many of these searches conducted on search engine giants to determine the relevance of keywords and match them to the content on your website. Google Keyword Planner can strategically help you comprehend the best keywords that have been used by top adverts and your competitors as well. It provides you insights into what's been trending in your market and navigates you on the potential of the right keywords.

5. Keep track of on-site actions. 

Last but not least, as a legal marketer, lay up strategic plans to evaluate every single activity linked to your advertising strategy because the digital world demands you to have a thorough understanding of your online actions. The legal business has evolved into a difficult-to-maintain market that requires you to stay on your toes to understand the nitty-gritty of your paid advertisements. You must also comprehend and monitor the actions coming from primary landing pages that could bring in more quality traffic and ad conversions. 


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