Dental App Marketing Is Most Effective Ways To Encourage Users To Download Your App


Oct 21, 2019


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Trust us; if you think that your traditional dental marketing techniques are going to make patients prefer your service over others, then you are living in a bubble. Dental marketing, similar to any business, needs an adept and capable digital marketing technique to create a long-lasting impact. 

One such effective tool, which every business, big or small, is leveraging is a mobile application. Per Statista’s 2019-2023 global mobile user statistical reports, by 2021, there will be roughly 7 million mobile users. The figure, without any doubt, comprises a considerable population that would require dental treatment at one point in their lives. Also, knowing that mobile application accounts for 57% of the total digital usage, it would only be a massive loss of opportunity to overlook this tool. 

Your dental practice needs a robust mobile application to reach out to the broader base of patients, who might not even know that there is a credible dental clinic in their locality. 

If you already have a mobile application and you are getting desirable traffic, leads, and conversions, then kudos to you! 

But if you don’t have, allow us to enlighten you with the ways in which your practice can benefit from having a mobile application:

  • We are living in a world that is always in a hurry to be somewhere. Having a mobile app to book a dental appointment quickly is the convenience your patient needs. This will thereby reduce the frustration people face with last-minute appointment scheduling. 
  • Having push notifications to remind patients of their appointments, follow-ups will help with patient retention. Mobile applications are an engaging way of establishing and fostering a strong connection with the patients. 
  • The mobile application is an excellent way of providing impeccable customer service to the patient by staying connected with them round the clock. A dental practice can use this platform to build their rapport by encouraging patients to drop reviews that can bolster the credibility of the application and drive more traffic through the application store. 

Ideating, designing, planning, and developing an application is a daunting task in itself. But that is not it; the real uphill battle starts after you launch the app and have to hit the bull’s eye with your marketing efforts. Dental application marketing is not a set and forget it implementation. You can’t just sit folded arms and expect the app to be installed and used in the count of thousands and lakhs.

If you are one of those practitioners who are struggling to market their mobile application effectively, then we bring you a list of efficacious marketing tips that will promote your patient to download and use your dental application. 

Market your app

If you think that only making the application available on the app store is enough, then you are highly mistaken, doc. Because you are not the only dentist with an application there, and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Create a well-researched and effective marketing strategy to promote your app on a different platform. Marketing is a continuous effort, so you need to make sure that you are periodically checking up on it and working on the techniques as and when required. 

The app should be a solution

Your goal behind creating an application should be to address and resolve your patient’s dilemma related to their dental hygiene. People tend to overlook their dental health until it becomes serious. Your app can help them take better care of their teeth and mouth with regular dos and don’ts, tips, and facts. A patient using a dental application won’t really care about the features that it can offer but whether or not it can resolve their urgent dental needs. If your app will target the issues, it is sure to get downloaded and used by millions. 

Leverage social media presence

Social media is not just for retail stores, manufacturing industries, but healthcare practices can also leverage this cost-effective means of increasing awareness and conversion rates. There are lakhs of people logged on to one or the other social media handles at a point in time. This could include a percentage of your patients. But you need to be meticulous in your social media approach- know the pain points, talk about them, be more interactive. This can help build a rapport of your dental practice as approachable and credible. 

Give incentives to your patients

Part of the reason why many people refrain from going to a dentist is their high fees and expensive dental treatment. The expense will increase even more if they have to download a premium application. Offer them a discount on app download and installation. What you can also do is, ease their burden by offering them a discount on their revisit or adding a treatment theirs to their already existing package.  

Ensure compatibility on all devices

All your patients won’t be just using one mobile device or operating system, right? You need to make sure that your application is accessible across all leading devices and platforms. Create an application that runs smoothly on all devices and operating systems. This will further encourage the user to download and use your app. 

Add CTA or download app option

Make sure that whatever content you post on the application has a clear and visible call to action. Be it an image, a blog post, or a landing page. Every page in the application should have an appropriate call to action so that patients do not have to look for ways to reach out to you in case of an emergency. Leave no stone unturned. Promote your app on your social media handles, blog posts, visual content, website everywhere for maximum visibility. 

The aforementioned tips will undoubtedly help to ensure that you get a higher return on investment with your mobile application. But a more profitable and practical choice would be to let an agency specializing in dental marketing services develop and strengthen your mobile presence with effective application marketing. SaffronEdge holds considerable experience in successfully dispensing supreme quality dental marketing services, guaranteeing maximum visibility, and a higher conversion rate. 

Check how we helped a dental practitioner establish and strengthen their web and mobile presence with our exhaustive and strategic marketing approach. 

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