5 Content Marketing Hacks To Help Enhance Your App Business


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Dec 12, 2016


2 min read

Are you unsatisfied with your website traffic? Having a hard time gaining clients using your content marketing strategy? I heard a yes! Didn’t I ? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Maximum people reading the blog don’t know how to attract the audience using their content marketing. Because of their old and out of trend methods to do so. online-942400_960_720 According to an article by Neil Patel where he claims that one can earn up to 13.15% of traffic in 30 days if you implement his tips. Also, these are the bonus benefits that you get
  • You will be able to attract more clients
  • Increase your email list size
  • Generate more valuable comments
  • Encourage repeat visitors to your blog
  • Build your personal brand online
Now, to help you out we have dug out to put forward some useful hacks to help you enhance your content outreach service or content marketing business:

1. Brainstorm ideas that can get Viral

What makes certain ideas get viral and overpower others? The ideas capable of arousing strong emotions (Anger, fear, loss etc) and get maximum associated activities. People connect to your content, only then they share it. Today, the need is for contents that are vibrant and helpful for the audience. Ask 4 basic question before developing content
  • Is there a need
  • Will they (audience) like it
  • Can it evoke controversy
  • Can it convey the message
If the answer to all these is a Yes, Go ahead, shoot your ideas

2. Write In-depth informative and educative articles

Personal opinion: don’t talk in the air, prove your point. How? stats, cohesive data and anything that relates. Being a reader my preferences goes with one with facts and stats, I'm reading your write up and my need is information. You provide it, I'll repeatedly visit. Also, Google loves in-depth articles. Chances increase with information and quantity, 2000+ words article are mostly in top 10

3. Craft catchy and shareable tiles

Every marketer knows this, it’s the golden goose of marketing. Unusual ‘catchy’ things always captivate and arouse curiosity to know more about it. While planning headlines or titles, think about 100 different synonym sentences. 8 seconds is your action time before your reader loses interest. So, you give them something they can’t ignore or you lose them to your competitors.

4. Attractive Call to Action

Your call to action is alone responsible for 13% boost in traffic. Make it in a way that it calls readers ‘Come and get it’ and your reader falls for its charm. Experiment with colors, try variations, do some psychological research and apply them. Try ‘Out of way’ ideas or graphics and implement them in your Call to action page. Taking risk is what gets you the best or makes you the best  

5 .Leverage the “above the fold” area

The area in your website which appears first when your website first loads. This area is viewed for the maximum time, approximately 80% of the total session time. And, if you use this area effectively, the traffic has high probabilities to increase. Whatever you think is your key player on the page, appoint them guards on the ‘above the fold area’. So, fellow marketers, adieu. Implement these tips and rise and shine, Hard work is key to one door but smartness lets you pass through all the others.

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