4 Quick Tips on How to Align your Digital Marketing with Television


Oct 29, 2015


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Even though we have reached an age where internet-based applications are involving the massive audience by and large, television yet remains the most powerful marketing forum across the world.  Capturing more than 40% of overall advertising investments, TV has a major stake in taking your marketing endeavor to the targeted audience. However, the modern trends in media management and strategy formulation have been at a loss in ignoring the role of television in marketing campaigns.

A study comparing the influence of various channels of advertisement on buyer’s purchasing decision found that television and search engine sites have an almost similar effect. The results are not surprising since an average American spends around 8.5 hours watching television, and that is an important figure from the marketer’s viewpoint.

What is interesting is that in the digital age, consumers have varied interests and consequently prefer to watch television while engaging with smart phones and tablets. By intelligently designing your online marketing campaigns, you can delight your audience by presenting them more accurate and valuable results.

Television or The Internet?

Television enjoys a greater trust among the viewers while the internet is spontaneous and easily accessible. Which channel should you use to place your marketing campaigns?
TV vs Internet InfoGraphic

Television And Internet Advertising

It is high time the marketers knew how to conjunct these two powerful media of mass communication to create a super-strategy. Below are the four quick tips on how to align your marketing strategy across both channels.

Targeting Audience: Search For The Most Suitable Audience Group

Analytics and tracking campaigns will enable you to find interesting demographic patterns of your audience. Also, analyzing the search query and site traffic data can help you discover the audience that responds to your TV message. Use the minutes of such analysis such as age, education, interests, to personalize your web content and hence optimize your site for best user experience.

Mobile Power: Engage Your Audience With Mobile

Your ultimate goal always remains to satisfy the consumers by providing them the most relevant and interesting content that helps them make the affirmative purchasing-decision. Now that the internet usage over mobile devices has exceeded that on desktops, you stand a good chance of connecting with your audience almost 24×7. You can consider analyzing the various factors such as the time of the day, location, special events, etc. to curate your online message that you intend to send to your targeted audience.

Not only will that make your brand seem more responsive, but it will also increase the relevance of your brand on mobile devices. As we already know, television ads trigger mobile searches, using contextual signs to deliver a personalized message can connect your audience with your brand instantaneously, thereby boosting your returns on investment.

Maximum Returns: Merging The TV And Digital Data

You can gain both time and communication if you manage to connect the tv ad airing data with digital information such as search queries, analytics report, site traffic, etc. Now you no longer need to wait for a year or so to find your Marketing Mix Modeling report, nor would you have to waste months searching for survey data: TV attribution can provide you more relevant information and insights almost immediately. Using these available valuable information, you can streamline your in-flight TV campaigns, thereby plunging into wider pools of opportunity at a lower cost.

To Attract a Consumer, Learn to Think Like a Consumer

A very obvious statement yet few marketing campaigns reflect this kind of commitment to the cause. To delight your consumers, it is essential that you remain informed about what factors guide his/her purchasing decision. Understanding the context that consumers face is easier when you look at digital signals like search queries and other analytics results. This not only saves your time and money but also makes your brand work more accurately. Without relying on misproportioned survey findings and untrustworthy media reports, you can make your analysis of the market to deliver quality contents. It is also important to keep introspecting on your methods to have a strong check on whether your campaigns can retain the targeted audience or not.

A poor brand impression can repel your audience, and it is always improbable to have those consumers back once they opt you out. So, you will need to promote a better understanding of your brand to sustain in this highly competitive business environment. Aggregating your efforts on television and internet-based devices can ensure that your advertisements and in general, content stay relevant and purposeful to your target audience. Because the new age customers have a shorter attention span and have multiple options to resolve their queries, it is important for you as a brand to have a strong presence everywhere your audience is. The bottom-line is: the return on investment is highly amplified when you can connect your digital strategies with television advertising.

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