Why You Need Bing Analytics Services

Thought Bing is a search engine that no one uses and tracking it is no good for the growth of your business? Think again! More than 21% of all the searches made on the web are made from Bing and with Microsoft making some serious upgradations to their beloved search engine, expect more people to use Bing as their primary search engine in some time to come.

Our Analytics experts at Saffron Edge can help you every step of the way in setting up Bing Analytics for your website by submitting it to Bing Webmaster Tools. Submitting your website to other search engines like Bing will only help you capture and track the source of traffic coming to your website from Bing and will also help you track all your advertisements running on the platform if you ever decide to run ads on Bing. So, submitting your website to Bing Webmaster Tools will only help you get more traffic to your website, which is always a good thing.

Some of our core processes for Bing Analytics Services


Bing Analytics Set-up

You’ll have to submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tools first and place a tag on your website, just like Google, to activate BIng Analytics on your website. Our analytics experts can help you with that and will carry out all the required processes for your website to get listed on Bing in no time so you can start gathering important data for your website.


Bing Analytics Audit

If you have already submitted your website to Bing and have activated Bing Analytics for your website, our comprehensive Bing Analytics audit will tell you exactly if you have set up your Bing Analytics to properly track the information you want, and if not, our team of experts will make the necessary adjustments to streamline your data gathering process on Bing Analytics


Bing Analytics Consulting

Need help with making sense of all the analytical data Bing has to offer? Our analytical experts will acquaint you with all the important metrics that you absolutely need to track on Bing and will help you take better marketing decisions based on your most popular traffic sources on the platform. Doing this will help your double down on what’s working for your business on Bing.


Bing Analytics Reporting

Don’t have enough time to go through heaps of data on Bing Analytics to make more informed business decisions? Our Bing Analytics experts can help you with that as well! We have considerable experience in making sense of data and can provide you with detailed reports that highlight the most meaningful metrics for all the campaigns running for your business.


Bing Analytics Integration

Want to track website traffic and advertisement data from Bing on Google Analytics itself? Our analytics expert can help you with that as well. Other than that, if you are looking to add more functionality to your Bing Analytics by integrating it with industry leading sales and marketing tools, our analytics experts can set you up with that as well.

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Bing Analytics Certified Partner

We are a certified Bing Analytics partner. You can rest assured as we take care of completely setting up your Bing Analytics account and making sense of all the data for you.


Google Analytics Experience

We have been providing analytical services to clients all over the globe since the inception of Bing Analytics and have gained a lot of experience along the way.


Flexible Approach

Don’t use Bing Analytics but have installed some other analytical tool on your website? Don’t worry, we are flexible enough to work on other analytical platforms out there as well.

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