Right Implementation of Knowledge is Power. We understand the value of your data. We not only generate content for you, but we also keep a track of how your data is doing over the net.


Analysis Of Websites & Apps

Our Analytic team offers website as well as application analysis service. We monitor your Websites and provide you in-depth analysis reports covering various features like Visitor tracking and behavior, Heat mapping, On-Site analysis etc. With the help of these reports you can further assess the requirements of your website or app and focus on optimizing the same.


Auditing Site

Through our Website Audit report you will have a clear picture of how your website is performing and what all areas it needs to improve in. Our report covers UX (User Experience), UI (User Interaction), Content and Site architectural information. your reports are highly customizable, as per your requirements. Generating an audit report is highly beneficial and even recommended for a strong SEO, SMO or Ads campaign.


Reporting Trends

Trends and behaviors often represent areas that are hot and available for smart businesses to capitalize upon through their marketing campaigns. We have a host of tools that help in generating trend reports pertaining to audience demography, tastes as well as online content and topics that are selling like hotcakes. Based on our Trend Report, we can create a strategy for your campaign so that you can defeat your competitors and assert dominance in your domain.


Measuring Analytics

Numbers and Figures are the true testament to your actual campaign progress. Measurement of your analyzed data in real-time is an efficient way to track your campaigns. The analyzed data also helps provide in-depth insights as to the performance and where all the campaigns could benefit from. We provide all of these data and reports to you at one place, so you don’t have to wrap your head around the numbers and simply focus on your business all the while tracking its progress.


Managing Campaigns

There are a plethora of analytic tools available online. But without the right expertise one can easily be lost in the ocean of data and matrices. That is why, here at Saffron Edge, our Analytic experts guide you through the analytic reports of all your ongoing campaigns so that you are not overwhelmed with your data and can stand firm on the ground while planning your next step. Each step of your campaign is monitored and presented to you in the form of reports that include only the key indicators that define your campaign goals and progress. You can also avail extensive reports for your campaign, as our measurement reports are completely customizable.

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