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Make Your Customer Journey More Effective and Simplify the Whole Process

Saffron Edge offersretail tech mobile tech services that will enhance your customer experience. Retail stores are often big, making it difficult for shoppers to find their desired products. And also, they are unable to know about the different offerings. What if your consumer knows this information in real-time after entering the store? What if you can provide a personalized shopping experience to your in-store customer? And what if you can smoothen the checkout process? This all is possible withretail tech mobile tech.

We excelled in creating a seamless integration of all your products in a system. So, whenever a customer comes to your retail shop, the system will send a personalized message to the customer and give them information about in-house offers. Moreover, this technology lets the shopper easily find the products in your store. In addition, it will streamline your operation workflow and improve sales.

The Role of Mobile Technology In Retail Tech

Provide Customized, Contactless, Convenient Shopping Experience to Your Customers To build a powerful, agile, and dynamic mobile tech solution, we will understand your objectives, products, and market trends. Based on that, we design a solution that contains all the in-store information. It will allow you to manage the inventory and improve the operational process. Moreover, the solution will record the customer journey and purchasing history, letting you know each customer's preferences. This helps you provide personalized offerings. Whenever a customer comes to your shop, they will automatically get recommendations. This will increase conversions and smoothen your workflow.

Connecting With Your Shopper

Make Communication Easier with Your Customer!

Saffron Edge provides you with intuitiveretail tech mobile tech solutions. This solution allows retailers to improve customer experience, which helps drive higher ROI. We will implement the solution in your retail business, enabling your shoppers to connect with in-store deals conveniently from their mobile devices.

Sensing Your Customer

Keep a Tab on Your Daily Customer Visits, Sales, and Inventory!?

Our retail techmobile tech solution is tailored to individual needs. This solution will provide a record of customer behavior, sales, and revenue. This information will help you:

  • Improve your service
  • Know each individual's preferences
  • Understand market trends
  • Create personalized offerings and recommendations

Keeping It Together With Tech-driven Organizational Tools

Connect Your Smart Tools and Provide Shoppers with Complete Product Information

Saffron Edge will help you build an agile and robust solution that comes with built-in IoT. The IoT enables retailers to combine the major types of technology with operational strategies. This will help retailers to capitalize on broad connections to consumers. For instance, your shoppers can easily search for the product and know detailed information about the product. This will increase the chances of conversion.

Mobile Devices Help Deliver the Complete Experience

Showcase What Exactly Your Customer Wants!

The retail tech mobile tech solution will help you monitor your customer requirements. This gives you an idea about the individual needs of every week and month. This will help you save the money you spend on storing the extra inventory. And it will also ensure that you'll never go out of stock. Overall, it's a win-win solution.

  • Help Customers Locate Items

Our retail tech mobile tech solution will enable an "in-store mode" when a customer enters. This mode helps shoppers search and know the exact location of the product they want. The solution uses ‘location services’ designed as per the store's architecture.

  • Provide Consumers With Consulting Services

The solution provides complete information about the product, including customer reviews and feedback. It makes it easier for the customer to decide whether to buy the product. Also, you can recommend products to your customers related to their previous purchases.

  • Simplify the Checkout Process

Our solution is enabled with a secure payment gateway that allows your shoppers to pay you through different payment systems. This will make the checkout process easier for them, improving the customer experience.

Retailers Gain Big Benefits Through Mobile Tech

  • Attract Customers to Shops

Providing easier access to all the products the customer is looking for will help you welcome new consumers. Our solution will leverage mobile technology and enable customers to find and easily return the product. Also, if you want to combine your online and offline stores, this solution can help you. This means if a customer purchases from your digital store but doesn't have time to wait for home delivery, they can take the delivery from the physical store.

  • Sell More Items

Our solution allows you to drive more customers to your store and improve the operational process. This, in turn, will increase conversion and bring you more revenue. Also, when you build loyal customers, you will leverage sustainability.

  • Capture Data From Physical — Not Just Digital — Experiences

Data is key to business success. When you gather data from different sources, you have better market knowledge. This is exactly what our solution will do for you. It will collect customers' data from their physical and digital experiences and refine it so that you can know what they want.

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Mobile technology in retail is a solution that helps retailers provide an easy shopping experience to their customers. It allows shoppers to locate the product and pay through a secure channel easily. Also, it collects customer data that will enable retailers to personalize their marketing.

Many industry giants use customized digital solutions to improve their customer experience. However, many stores still don’t have these solutions. You can contact our experts; we will help you build a solution to scale up your business.

Mobile technology enables sales associates to utilize the customer data to improve their marketing efforts and offer what exactly customers want.

Retailers can utilize the solution to enhance their customer journey, customer retention, and sales.

  • Better shopper experiences
  • Streamlining operations
  • Stock awareness

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