Secured First Page Of Google With Local SEO

Organic Traffic

The Client

The client is a prominent provider of chauffeur services in UAE. They outsource trained chauffeurs to customers and transport them to their intended destination in the safety of their own cars. They were facing a lot of competition in their business niche and wanted to outpace them by building a strong digital presence. They hired us to do it for them.

The Challenge

  • The client’s business niche is saturated with a lot of players and standing out from them demanded staying optimized on all digital fronts. Which was definitely a challenge for us as the client was just beginning with his digital journey.
  • The client wanted us to build a strong digital presence in Dubai in particular.

Our Solutions

Since, the client’s industry was saturated with a lot of players, we analyzed the top players closely and noted which keywords they were targeting to score customers, the social media platforms they actively maintained presence on and their content marketing strategies to devise a plan of our own that would outpace them.

Conducted our own keyword research to figure out the high search terms that our client’s competitors missed completely or were not intentionally competing for. This included local keyword research as well.

Based on the keyword research, optimized our client’s website content to target those specific keywords and attract traffic searching for the same services over the web.

Started submitting our client’s business profile on local directories of their industry in Dubai to attract local traffic and strengthen their local SEO.

Optimized their website for fostering conversions. That included making sure their website worked well on mobile, loaded fast, had a streamlined navigational flow and was as SEO optimized as could be.

Started maintaining presence on social media for our client to build brand awareness and a loyal following. This gave boost to our overall SEO efforts as well.

The Results

Most of the keywords (and local keywords) we targeted started ranking prominently on the first page of Google

KeywordsCurrent Local RankingInitial ranking
Crew Transportation Dubai322
Drivers for Events130
Driver Supply Dubai585
Safer Driver630
safe driver dubai425
chauffeur service dubai823