How Is the BOT Model Helping Global Companies Expand Post Pandemic?




Jul 16, 2022


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BOT Model Helping Global Companies Source: Freepik

The impact of COVID-19 has been disastrous. Several people lost their lives, many lost their jobs, and above all, the entire global economy got a setback. However, amidst all these issues, this pandemic somehow resulted in certain improvements on environmental and humanitarian grounds.

The same goes for the business sector. On the one hand, Covid-19 made some brick-and-mortar businesses shut their stores. On the other hand, the pandemic has had an indirect positive effect on the adaptability of the business. According to McKinsey, companies are digitizing their internal operations.

The fast-evolving landscape for growth has pushed DTC businesses to look for tools and tactics to get an edge over their competitors and combat challenges. One of the key challenges companies are facing is building an agile and skilled digital team that can accelerate their business growth.

Many companies hire a digital marketing agency to enhance their online presence and revenue. This is a good strategy, but if your business is expanding, it’s good to go with the BOT model.

What Is a BOT Model?

BOT Model

The BOT concept is nothing new. Instead, this business model has been utilized by companies for several years. However, BOT has mostly been preferred by the IT sector to increase their capabilities and expand their business.

But now there’s good news for D2C brands; Saffron brings you the BOT model designed as per the dynamic DTC landscape.

But what exactly is BOT, and how can it leverage your DTC Business?

Well, BOT stands for Build-Operate-Transfer. The business model is basically an integrated partnership between the DTC brand and the agency providing BOT service.

You know how difficult it is to build a team that stands on your objectives. But you are not alone - around 75% of companies are struggling to optimize their talent acquisition process. This problem can be squared away by BOT.

DTC brands like you can contact our experts and let us know your requirements - what type of talent you are looking for, what’s your budget, etc. After understanding what you want, our recruiting team will create Job Descriptions and upload them on various portals and our channels to find the right talent team for you.

In addition, we have access to a pool of talent that makes hiring easier and faster.

Once we get enough job applications, our HR team starts shortlisting candidates based on your requirements. Furthermore, we will conduct one-on-one interviews and exams, including aptitude and skill tests (per your industry). We also do background checks and test the team/expert on various verticals.

After selecting the team/specialist, we will teach and upskill them so that they can cater to your needs. The team/expert will operate from your office but under our control. They will do all your daily tasks as per your business process and workflow and collaborate with your in-house team.

Once the team or expert adapts to your business process and you are assured that the unit can deliver the results you want, you can take control of them fully. After this, the team or specialist will be fully yours and work under your payroll.

The whole process of the BOT model is divided into three categories: Build, Operate and Transfer. Let’s understand each phase:

  • Build: This phase includes hiring the right candidate(s). Based on your requirements, we source candidates from our extensive talent pool. We vet each candidate from the ground up and upskill them to make them suitable for your needs. We set up a system so that the team/expert will operate from your office under our control in the most effective and productive manner.
  • Operate: In this phase, we professionally manage and handle your team/specialist so that you can focus on your D2C business roadmap and core activities. We have top minds from the industry who will train and scale your team/expert’s skills and knowledge so that they can provide you with the best results.
  • Transfer: It is the final phase in which you decide to take legal ownership of the team/expert. At the end of the contract period, our team will conduct a scanning of each candidate so that you hire only the right talent for your business. This way, you can try a candidate(s) in your work process without paying a significant upfront cost for onboarding, and hire them when you get assured.

Through BOT, you can directly hire a job-ready candidate(s) who knows what things can make your business thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Whether you are looking for a PPC expert, content writer, business analyst, growth hacker, SEO specialist, or practice lead expert, we will help you get access to the right talent.

How is the BOT Business Model Helping Global Companies to Expand their Operations?

BOT Business Model Source: Freepik

The BOT model allows companies to get access to the right talent and scale up their business quickly. This business model aims to help companies save money, and the time they might spend on hiring.

IT firms have been utilizing this business model for years to enhance their capabilities by building productive, agile, and efficient teams. Now, it’s time for D2C businesses to harness the benefits of BOT’s impeccable power.

There are various challenges in the D2C landscape, which can be overcome by hiring a suitable employee(s). But you know how difficult this task is. That’s why we bring you the BOT service that allows you to utilize the power of the talent right from the first month of your contract with us.

Using the BOT, you can expand your team and accelerate your business growth. Here are the major perks of using BOT:

  • Flexibility: With BOT, you can easily adapt to the changing client’s demands and get all the required resources within a short period. You will be able to get everything done better and faster.
  • Scale up team: One of the biggest benefits of BOT is that you can scale your team as per your requirement. There is little to negligible chance of hiring the wrong candidate. We will ensure that you only get the best without having to put in any hassle.
  • Risk control and cost-effectiveness: With BOT, the chance of failing in a new market reduces greatly. If you have started a new DTC business, you should contact our experts now and know how we will help you get the talent you are looking for. With us, you’ll get specialists who know all the ins and outs of digital marketing - without going out of budget.


As companies struggle to hire the right candidate due to a shortage of employees and an increasing number of post-pandemic resignations, BOT gives you a way to come out of this problem.

BOT is an innovative and flexible way of hiring the right talent that suits your needs and stands high on your objectives. With us, you can build a team of digital specialists that allows you to RULE THE DIGITAL WORLD.

We are the first Indian company to offer BOT services to DTC brands. We have a network of HR professionals and digital marketing experts who have hands-on experience with all the tactics and tricks that can allow a brand to establish itself as a big brand in the market.

We have a big talent pool that allows you to build an agile and flexible team faster. So, contact our experts and know how we can help you.

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